Monday, April 13, 2015

Writing, Immunisation, vaccination, questioning

As an author I find myself questioning a lot of things. 
I always look for the story behind the story and then think of interesting and unusual ways of portraying that story.

Recently with the move by the Australian Government to take away welfare and financial benefits if families choose not to vaccinate their children, I find myself on that fence once again.

I am neither pro vaccination nor am I anti vaccination.

I am pro good health.

One of my favourite sites that is loaded with good news on health is Natural News
They have much to say about vaccinations HERE

But more than the whole immunisation question...

I find myself questioning why we have so many issues with health today when we already know so much. 
Sometimes it feels like we’d be healthier living in the stone ages.

I have questions like... why are there so many auto-immune diseases that seem irreversible?
And ... why do so many people have allergies?
And ... why do even more have food intolerances?
And ... why are my friends’ children getting full blown chicken pox when they've already been vaccinated against that disease?
And ... why are so many young people suffering with type 2 diabetes?
And ... why are there so many ads on TV about diets, dieting or losing weight?
And ... why do our fast food outlets spend so much money trying to prove their food has nutritional value?
And ... why do our doctors spend such a minuscule amount of time in their whole six years of training on nutrition?

And then all these questions lead to more questions ...
Like... why did I feel immune to the flu and common cold last year (after a full-on detox) when so many people around me were getting sick?
Why ... did I get a re-occurring ear infection years ago while I was taking script after script of antibiotics but haven't had one since I stopped taking them 8 year ago?
Why ... does my family rarely get sick?

And ... why are people so fearful of the flu that they get vaccinations while the percentages of complications with the flu actually aren't that high?
And ... why do some people die when they come in contact with Ebola but others survive?
And ... why would a trained medical doctor tell me the only way to clear a fungal infection in one of my children is via a prescription yet when I treated it with natural remedies it cleared in the same amount of time the doctor told me it would clear with a prescription (to her knowledge was the only way to clear it)?

And so I find myself in the great mystery of life.

I have come to the conclusion that perhaps the government isn't always right.
Perhaps the medically trained aren't always right.
Maybe what’s been done in the past might not always be the right way to do it now.

And before you attack me... 
I know the limited knowledge of what I know definitely isn't always right.

But I'm willing to keep questioning.

And in all of this questioning I'm thankful that at this point in time I live in a country that lets me question.
I'm thankful for the freedom I have here and now and that I get to live in paradise and call it home.

I don’t know if any of these questions are worthy of novel material, but they do make me think and broaden my view of the world, which I hope in turn makes for more interesting novels.