Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Spiralling Out of Control

'This book disturbed me so much that I know I have to do something about it.' Lyn
'This is not a pretty story, nor is it an easy read. ' Iola
'This compelling, disturbing, yet encouraging book is realistic even to the end.' Trish
'This book is a wake up call to love your teenagers, listen to them, encourage them and believe in them.' Tracey 
'I couldn't put it down and am ready to read the next.' Susan
'This novel is a fast read and I’m glad I picked it up.' Sharif
'It's a tale of that small, ultimate glimmer of hope when everything seems hopeless.' Carol

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interview with the best friend, Tabbie

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Please welcome seventeen year old Tabbie to my blog to day as I interview her...

How long have you been a best friend?
Well, I met Stephanie back in year seven and I’m getting close to finishing school now, so the years are adding up.

What makes you best friends?
Great question, most of us have really good friends, but it’s rare to find a best friend. I guess it means that we are more like family, no matter what happens we work out how to get through or past it and just keep pushing forward. I guess there is a lot of unconditional love associated with our best-friendness as well. Sure Steph does things I’d never do. So much of what she does and has done makes the hairs stand out on the back of my neck and my cheeks blush but I still love her even if I have to distance myself at times.

How did you not just turn your back? I mean, Stephanie has pulled some crazy stunts!
She’s my best friend! How could I turn my back when she was at her lowest?

But it looked like you turned your back at times…
Those were the times that I was praying for her.

What does that really look like? Isn’t ‘I’ll pray for you’ just a throwaway line?
I guess for some people it is, but when it came to Steph, I really did pray for her when I knew she was going through something ugly and even when I just sensed she might be having a hard time. 

Wouldn’t you all have been better off to hand it over to the police or family services in those really hard times?
Maybe, I don’t know. I’ve often asked myself the same questions. Should I have dobbed her in? Should I have told her parents more? Should I have told my parents more? But in the end I guess we all have to live with the consequences of our actions.

What have those consequences been like? Tell me a little about them…
Ha… I’m still working through them. You’ll just have to read book three to see where we all end up.

(ahem... I'm still working on book 3!)

It’s  been lovely chatting with you Tabbie, any final words?
Thanks for having me here today, Michelle.
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Ha! Love your encouragement!  

Thank you, Tabbie, for hanging out with me today! 

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Integrate blurb... Trust the science - unless your life depends on it.
Blaine Colton had been handed a genetic death sentence until revolutionary gene therapy changed his life. Living a relatively normal existence, he is called to an unscheduled post-treatment appointment just weeks before his eighteenth birthday. Informed that his life saving procedure was never approved, he is held against his will for his status as an apparent illegal GMO. Subjected to constant testing, refused contact with his parents and deprived of life sustaining medication, Blaine begins to suspect that something is wrong. Wanting answers, he escapes the Institute and ambitious Chief Scientist, Dr Melissa Hartfield. Now a fugitive with a failing body, Blaine must find Professor Ramer, the developer of his therapy. But the Professor has vanished and time is running out. Fast

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Book blurb... With her security tied up in great friendships, life for Tabbie was a breeze ... until her best friend moved interstate. That’s when the exposing reality hit her. Who was she without her best friend?
Forced to stand on her own, Tabbie finds a new confidence and sees the world for what it really is. Her new convictions enlighten her to see friends through a different lens.
Is Tabbie strong enough to stay out of Stephanie’s shadow when Steph returns?
Can Tabbie be true to herself without letting her friends slip through the cracks?

"This book is fully contained and I never felt I was lost or should have read the first book.Tabbie is a fiercely loyal friend, even to three girls who obviously take advantage of that friendship from time to time." R Grant

"I think Tabbie demonstrates how to keep loving your friends even when they hurt you. Well written." Tracey Hoffmann

"Evans has done an excellent job getting in the heads of her teen characters—the angst, joy, naiveté; that time between dependency and young womanhood is brought to life with all the emotion and peer pressure and longings." Lisa J Lickel

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Have you ever been insecure in your decisions?

Have you ever…

Wondered why the best intentions slip into the abyss before you blink?

I had planned a whole new blog series... but I just don’t have the time to make it happen. And suddenly I find it's a month since I’ve posted here.

Have you ever…

Blinked and realised a whole month had passed and you don’t have anything to show for it?

My hubby has recently started hanging out with an accountability group. They meet every Monday and keep each other accountable in their relative businesses. I’m starting to think that I need to have that for my writing. Days and nights of crazy busy life intrude in my writing time. But I’m sure if I was more disciplined, I’d find more time.

Have you ever…

Shown thankfulness for the moments you take to breathe and enjoy life?

My baby turns 7 today. While I home school three of our children, I am blessed to spend most days and nights with her. She has been such a bundle of joy in our home!

Have you ever…

Found life is filled with seasons that really do change?

I have been noticing my season of parenthood is taking another turn. Though our four darlings aren’t as hands-on-needy anymore, they make up for it in conversation and drive time. I am the taxi mumma!

Have you ever…

Changed your schedule but found it still doesn’t fit?

For a few years 7pm was my study or writing time, but as the kids get older, they have more conversational needs and simply don’t go to bed early! So I have pushed back my writing time to 8 or sometimes 9pm and go through to 11pm. But by the time they go to bed, I’m distracted.

Have you ever…

Fit in all there was to cram into life?

If you have ... I’d love to know your secrets…