Monday, November 17, 2014

Ever wanted to find a book that was just like... ?

I want a book that's similar to...

"That" best seller! 

It's a common scenario ... readers want books that are similar to something they've read and loved. 

A great bunch of authors have joined together over on the John 3:16 site and posted comparisons to help readers find books by new and up coming authors, or not yet famous authors so you can find the perfect gift for someone (or yourself) or simply load your eReader so it's ready to go for the holidays,

Please click HERE to see the best sellers compared... 

or an exclusive offer 


  1. A fantastic way to find new authors!

  2. That is a cracking idea... hope it works out well!

  3. Have you been reading my mind, Michelle?! I've been wondering these past few days if there are such resources around for emerging authors, and particularly curious if there is such a resource for Australian writers (and readers). Perhaps a 2015 group project?


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