Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interview with the best friend, Tabbie

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Please welcome seventeen year old Tabbie to my blog to day as I interview her...

How long have you been a best friend?
Well, I met Stephanie back in year seven and I’m getting close to finishing school now, so the years are adding up.

What makes you best friends?
Great question, most of us have really good friends, but it’s rare to find a best friend. I guess it means that we are more like family, no matter what happens we work out how to get through or past it and just keep pushing forward. I guess there is a lot of unconditional love associated with our best-friendness as well. Sure Steph does things I’d never do. So much of what she does and has done makes the hairs stand out on the back of my neck and my cheeks blush but I still love her even if I have to distance myself at times.

How did you not just turn your back? I mean, Stephanie has pulled some crazy stunts!
She’s my best friend! How could I turn my back when she was at her lowest?

But it looked like you turned your back at times…
Those were the times that I was praying for her.

What does that really look like? Isn’t ‘I’ll pray for you’ just a throwaway line?
I guess for some people it is, but when it came to Steph, I really did pray for her when I knew she was going through something ugly and even when I just sensed she might be having a hard time. 

Wouldn’t you all have been better off to hand it over to the police or family services in those really hard times?
Maybe, I don’t know. I’ve often asked myself the same questions. Should I have dobbed her in? Should I have told her parents more? Should I have told my parents more? But in the end I guess we all have to live with the consequences of our actions.

What have those consequences been like? Tell me a little about them…
Ha… I’m still working through them. You’ll just have to read book three to see where we all end up.

(ahem... I'm still working on book 3!)

It’s  been lovely chatting with you Tabbie, any final words?
Thanks for having me here today, Michelle.
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Ha! Love your encouragement!  

Thank you, Tabbie, for hanging out with me today! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing from Tabbie's point of view. I think it helps give an idea of how strong the girls' friendship is and is a good motivation to read the books (which I have done!)

    Great work!

  2. Okay Tabby, you have me intrigued. Why should you have called family services? Why might you have needed the police? Guess I'll have to read the books :)

  3. Hi Tabby - good on you for staying the course with Steph. It's always a hard call what to tell when your friend is getting herself into risky situations. I'm looking forward to hearing how your and Steph's stories work out.

    Thanks Michelle. Love to win a copy on Integrate :)

    And Nola, I think you would enjoy both Spiralling books :)

  4. Stephanie is lucky to have you has a best friend, Tabbie. Hope it all works out between you.

  5. Hey Tabbie. That was a very cool interview. You sound like a great friend to Stephanie. Bless you. Lovely hearing from you today. :)


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