Monday, June 23, 2014

The Comfort Zone Issue with Barbara Ann Derksen

Please make my friend Barbara Ann feel welcome today as she shares her thoughts on friendship 

Friendship is a Comfort Zone Issue

When considering friendship, and since making friends is difficult for me, I decided to look up the word comfort zone. Wikipedia says, "The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition." Because I am a writer/introvert, staying home, not talking to people – for a time – suits me just fine. The idea of stepping out of my comfortable existence to take the time to interact with strangers causes stress – sometimes. But Jesus asks us to step out of the boat – the comfort zone.

The online dictionary adds, "A person's personality can be described by his or her comfort zones."  Have you ever watched the popular kids at school or those who seem to be a magnet in most social circles? They are comfortable, or seem to be, in their own skin. They appear happy with who they are and what they can accomplish so they appear successful.

A friend expects nothing but time. A friend is an encourager, someone I can count on when I need a shoulder to cry on and who is open enough to allow me to reciprocate when the time comes. Friendship is a risk. Whenever we fall in love with anything or anyone, we risk the pain of losing them. The risk takes us out of our comfort zone, doesn't it?

Another friend who asks me to regularly step out of my comfort zone is Jesus Christ. I know that whatever He asks me to do, will make me a better person, enlarge my vision, build my self-esteem, and grow me as a Christian. Stretching what I believe about myself is all part of it, but it also stretches what I believe about God, too. I learn to trust God a little more than before and I learn that He is faithful...always. He’s a true friend.

Barbara Ann Derksen, currently resides in Steinbach Manitoba. She began her writing career in Iowa in 1996.  There, she served as a journalist for American newspapers for 8 years with over 2000 articles published in those papers as well as in some international magazines. Derksen, a Canadian by birth, honed her craft in the US but returned to her Canadian roots in 2008. She has 19 titles to her credit with another one in the works.

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Thanks so much for visiting today Barbara and sharing your thoughts on Friendship. 

This post is part of a series on Friendship as we lead up to the release of the paperback version of the Spiralling books. 

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