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Friendship: more than Facebook activity with Lynne Stringer

Please make my friend, Lynne Stringer feel welcome as she shares her thoughts on Friendship today... AND help her celebrate her recent release. (congratulations on your book launch over the weekend!)

Friendship: more than Facebook activity
I’m the kind of person who finds it difficult to make friends. You might not believe it, looking at my Facebook profile; I have nearly 300 on there.
I think we’d all agree that friendship is more than just a number on a Facebook page. I think Facebook is a wonderful way to find out what’s going on in our friends’ lives when finding time to catch up is difficult. It has also helped me reconnect with a few people I’d lost touch with. It’s an enabling resource, but I think it can encourage laziness when it comes to friendship. After all, are we really maintaining a friendship simply by ‘liking’ a status update on our friend’s page? It’s not the same as talking to them and seeing how they are going.
I may find it difficult to make friends, but maintaining them is important to me, maybe because of the difficulty I have with making them in the first place. I find that I go to a lot of effort to maintain them. It can be tricky, but I’d encourage you to do the same. I know it’s hard in our busy world to find the time, but I think it’s important.
Here’s a few ways you can make sure you keep in touch.
·         If you say to a friend ‘we should get together some time’ don’t walk away without doing it. Get out your schedule and arrange a time then and there. You’ll never get around to it otherwise.
·         If a friend says something on Facebook that worries you, send them a private message to make sure they’re okay. Better still, pick up the phone and call them. It may be just what they need.
·         If you haven’t seen a friend of yours either in person or on Facebook for a while send them a message and make sure they’re okay.
Tweet: Friendship: more than Facebook activity with Lynne Stringer @MichelleDEvansThere are many other ways you can maintain great and meaningful friendships, but these three can help you get started. Remember, your friendships are dependent on your input to maintain them. Everyone loves a great friend. I certainly do.

Lynne Stringer has been passionate about writing all her life, beginning with short stories in her primary school days. She began writing professionally as a journalist and was the editor of a small newspaper (later magazine) for seven years, before turning her hand to screenplay writing and novels. Her lastest novel, The Reign , was released on 1st May. It is the final book in the Verindon trilogy.
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Lynne currently works as a professional editor and proofreader. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and young son. 


Thank so much for visiting today Lynne and sharing your thoughts on Friendship. 
This post is part of a series on Friendship as we lead up to the release of the paperback version of the Spiralling books. 


  1. Hi Michelle and Lynne,
    That's excellent advice which I can certainly relate to.

  2. Love this! Real friendship takes more than a friend request, that's for sure.


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