Monday, April 21, 2014

The Friendship Village with Elaine Fraser

Let me introduce you to Elaine Fraser who just happens to be my critique partner at the moment (and a very lovely and patient one at that! )
To celebrate the upcoming launch of my Spiralling books in paperback, Elaine has popped in to share with you all about friendship. 
Please make her feel welcome. 

The Friendship Village

The “checking Facebook” ritual which takes place several times throughout the day is essentially very much the same as crossing a village square, exchanging greetings and pleasantries. It is a way to check how people are doing, what they are talking about and how they are feeling. Facebook makes it possible to receive an immediate update on important personal events and which news stories that people are currently discussing. Mikael Eriksson Bjorling

I have five hundred and eighty five friends on Facebook, yet I have only a handful of friends I could call at 4am and ask for help.

I take a long time to make really close friends, but once I cross over that line from acquaintance into deep friendship, those friends will be friends for life.

The quality of our friendships, beyond the casual checking in on Facebook, is where we build our village.

Our friendship villages are made of people who we may casually interact with as we pass through our day, others are people we journey with, share with and depend on. We crave intimacy. We need warm, dependable, secure relationships to help navigate life.

Our best friends are often the old friends- friends who know your history and know you. You don’t have to explain-they just know.  

Old friends accept us as we are and put up with our quirks and idiosyncrasies. However, we all change and grow and the people who have known you the longest may find it hard to absorb this change and reconcile the old you with the new you.

New friends may bring a fresh perspective. When you’re in a rut, they may see something that you haven’t seen before.

Friendships, like any relationship, take work, but are worth the effort. Building quality into our friendships means that we will have companions on our journey.

Whether new or old friends, the important thing is that life is a journey best shared with friends.

Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant.  Socrates

Elaine Fraser, author of ‘the Beautiful books’, is from Perth, Western Australia.  For many years she taught English and Drama in secondary schools.
Although Elaine is best known for her non-fiction work: Beautiful: beauty tips for the soul and Too Beautiful: more beauty tips for the soul, she has branched out into fiction.
Perfect Mercy , Book #1 in the Beautiful Lives series was released in 2012.

Book #2 Love, Justice will be released in 2014, and Book #3 Amazing Grace is in the works.

‘I try to write books that are honest, concerned with real lives and real issues with a spiritual edge. My books are contemporary, don’t always have the perfect ending, but always have hope. For example, Mercy Hamilton, the central character in Perfect Mercy, finds out that life isn’t always perfect.’
Then, she looked up to heaven and thanked God from the bottom of her heart for where she was at that moment. She didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but at this minute, in this place, she was thankful.

Travel is an important part of Elaine’s life and she spends up to three months of the year away from home.
‘People say I have the dream life. I get to do what I love – write, study, travel, mentor writers and enjoy living in one of the best cities in the world with my wonderful husband, young adult children and golden retriever, Bear,’ Elaine says.
‘I agree with Marc Anthony when he said, If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.’

Thank you Elaine, so many great thoughts and insights in your Friendship Village post. 
Those who are reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments... 



  1. Hi Michelle and Elaine,
    There are great thoughts about the nature of friendship to be pondered in every paragraph of this post, that's for sure. And I like the Facebook/Village square analogy. Very true.

  2. I loved this friendship post. It made me think about the friends, old and new, I have.


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