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Friendship discoveries from Imogen's Chance

This is the first of several posts coming about friendhsip. Please make Paula Vince welcome...

There is a strong friendship base at the heart of ‘Imogen’s Chance.’ On the surface, other themes may seem more dominant, such as healing and secrets. But when I began to think about it, friendship is the life blood in this story. And like the real heart in the body, it isn’t visibly evident but upholds everything else in the lives of my two main characters.

Even though she has been away from the Dorazio family for several years, Imogen has always remembered and cared about her old friends. Finally, she decides to return to Australia, to try to sort out a mess she’d made years ago.

Asher finds himself in the sort of fix nobody ever wants to face, with a frightening medical diagnosis. He discovers that this is the sort of situation in which real friends become obvious. There are two particular girls in his life. One proves herself to be a pure jewel. She stands by him and does her utmost to help, no matter what. The other finds it difficult to cope with her strong reaction to his news. She drifts away, not quite as committed. The interesting thing for Asher is that neither girl behaves how he might have expected her to.

Real friends sometimes find themselves in Imogen’s position. They are afraid to speak up or take action, for fear of what people may say. Yet they grit their teeth and do what they think will most benefit their friend, regardless of possible rejection. That’s real friendship.

Real friends are willing to overlook the mistakes of people they value, even if they are big mistakes. When Asher finds out about the shocking event in Imogen’s past, it leaves him reeling. He must remember the example of genuine friendship she has offered him in the past. This is the only thing which will help him weather what he has discovered, when he is challenged to be as good a friend to her as she has been to him. Will her original offer of friendship create a ripple effect, which will help bring the best out of him?


Oh my goodness... you have to read Paula's latest book, Imogen's Chance  ... I loved it! 

She has given herself a chance to fix her personal history. But will old mistakes bring up new emotions?
Imogen Browne longs to make up for past mistakes before she can move on. She quietly resolves to help the Dorazio family, whose lives she accidentally upset. Her biggest challenge is Asher, the one person who may never forgive her. And he is facing a crisis of his own. Imogen must tread very carefully, as trying to fix things may well make them shatter.
A sensitive story about misplaced loyalty, celebrating life and falling in love. Can family secrets concealed with the best intentions bear the light of day?

More about Paula... 

Award-winning author, Paula Vince loves to evoke tears and laughter through her novels. A wife and homeschooling mother of three, she resides in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Her youth was brightened by great fiction and she’s on a mission to pay it forward.

Her novel, Picking up the Pieces, won the religious fiction section of the 2011 International Book Awards.
Her novel, Best Forgotten, was winner of the 2011 CALEB Award in the fiction category and also recognized as the best overall entry for the year, chosen over memoirs, devotionals and general non-fiction.

Paula’s books are a skillful blend of drama and romance tied together with elements of mystery and suspense.

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Paula is the author of Picking up the Pieces, The Risky Way Home, A Design of Gold and Best Forgotten. Her new novel, Imogen’s Chance, will be published in April, 2014.

Paula is also one of the four authors of The Greenfield Legacy 

I love Paula's statements on 'Real Friend'. If you have some to add... please pop your statements beginning with 'Real Friends... ' in the comments below. 

Celebrating the release of Spiralling Out of the Shadow ...


  1. Sometimes it's hard to know how to be a friend.Sometimes it is just showing up.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Lovely to meet you. I agree. Sometimes what seems the simplest action may make the biggest impact of all, and that is just showing up, as you say.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    It's an honour to be starting of your series of posts on friendship. I'll be looking forward to the others.

  4. Great post about friendship and terrific book

  5. Hi Dale,
    Thanks. As somebody who has read the book, you'll understand when I say I knew that I could come up with a friendship themed post if I thought hard enough, and I didn't have to think all that hard at all.


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