Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Rave Friday

How cool is this funky USB Humidifer? My work area smells divine with a constant stream of essential oils wafting through the air. Today’s scent… Tangerine and Rosemary… ahh bliss. 

A one lined song? I love to sing, and most of the time I can remember several lyrics but today I had one line… five words circling my mind all day... and that’s all I sang… boy did I feel like a broken record.  Hehe.

TrueTwit…I think I must be for validating myself so many times. But as of last week I quit being that kind of twit… no longer will I click through and answer the pesky little quiz question… sorry!

Captchas… I know I'm not the only one who has trouble with this on my ipad/phone. There are now many posts that I haven’t commented on because I can’t get the captcha right. If you can, please turn it off. I find spam rarely goes directly to my posts, the filter picks it up then once a week, I ‘select all’ and delete… easy. Much easier than trying to get captcha to work on my ipad.

Do you set goals? Do you have a business plan that you stick to? I just checked on mine… I have successfully missed all of my goals so far this year… but the best thing about a midyear check… changing the dates on those goals. I haven’t failed, I’m just checking out the view as I go {smile}

We have been unsuccessfully house hunting now for 18 months… Last week we found the perfect home… but our offer wasn’t only rejected… it was virtually vomited at… some real estate agents could learn a thing or two from my hubby. Surely the perfect house will become ours soon… ever hopeful!

Random rave over…. Got anything to add?