Monday, May 27, 2013

The Thing About Skin

A funny thing happened on the weekend
I was enjoying a night in Surfers Paradise
To celebrate the love of my life
and his twin brother’s 40th
Two lovely young things
escorted my hubby to the bar
“I’m married” his jovial defence
Soon after, I rocked up
To save my dear husband
When the two young things
Spilled out complements
Beautiful, stunning
and whatever else they jibbered
Then after a closer look
‘I’m a nurse,’ one told me
‘You know, you do look great,
just four lines and some crows feet.
Come into our clinic and we’ll help you with that!’
Oh my goodness
She didn’t realise
There’d be no clinic visit from me
These four lines and crows feet show wisdom
that I’m happy to display
The lines in my face are simply a reward
for this amazing life I live
At times it is tough
At times it is heartbreaking
At times it hurts
But above everything else
It is more than I ever desired
My life is filled with joy and happiness
and I’ll continue to smile
and deepen those lines
of wisdom
and reward...

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Introducing .. Amanda Deed

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~ Author Spotlight ~ 

Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of getting to know Amanda. She is such a delightful girl who loves the journey of being an author. I asked her to join in with my little game and play ...


Favourite foods - potatoes (any way except raw), cheese, chocolate - these favourites make staying thinner harder. :) LOL
Favourite colours - burgundy and navy blue
Favourite authors - Stephen Lawhead, Melanie Dickerson, Georgette Heyer
Favourite pastimes - You'll never guess ... reading, watching movies, walking in the bush
Favourite places - Kings Canyon NT (near Uluru), Dandenong Ranges, Far North Queensland. :) (you might as well say the whole of Australia)

Thanks for playing Amanda! 

Now to introduce the first book in the Jackson's Creek series.... Ellenvale Gold

About the Book:
 It is the time of Australia’s harsh rogue-filled goldrush of the 1850’s when Miss Penelope Worthington suddenly finds herself orphaned, isolated and alone. With a large sheep station to run single-handedly, she has little option but to enlist the aid of a mysterious, but sinister stranger.
But who is the more treacherous? Gus—the scruffy, trespassing, ex-convict who co-incidentally shows up looking for work just when she desperately needs a farmhand or Rupert—the handsome, wealthy neighbour who would willingly marry her at the drop of a hat and solve her apparent dilemma?
Repeatedly, her faith is tested as she faces the unforgiving elements, deceit, lies and uncertainty. But where and how will it all end? But…is it the end? Will vengeance return or
will Penny’s faith prevail?

You can read my review  HERE plus you'll get to know Amanda even more if you click through. I interviewed her on that post as well. 

Available at Amazon 

Light The Dark

Also available by Amanda :- Black Forest Redemption, Henry's Run, The Game and The Greenfield Legacy.