Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bitter Chocolate ~ Compelled to share the sweet message

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In the wake of Easter 2013, I am deeply moved. I cannot stay silent.
I searched for fair trade chocolate eggs in every shop I visited over the past few weeks, to celebrate and remember the gift of freedom that each Easter brings. Yet I was faced with rows and rows and rows of chocolate without the fair trade symbol. Chocolate that had been farmed by children as young as seven who are treated like slaves, deprived of an education, who may never see their family again, who have been stolen and forced into horrendous situations.
Obviously too many people are still unaware of this fact otherwise the shelves at our local shops would be filled with ethically farmed, fair trade products.  
They (the local shops) supply what's demanded.
If we demand only fair-trade chocolate, that’s what the shops will stock.
More of us need to purchase only fair trade chocolate.
Take a stand today.
Say no to child slavery.
Say no to companies giving anyone less that a fair work environment. 

The Dark Side of Chocolate  ...

What does fair trade actually do? Here is some good news.

How cool is this app... search for chocofinder on your smartphone to locate ethically farmed chocolate.

Another way we can help stop child slavery is to sponsor children. By sponsoring a child you can help their whole family. The child is educated and financially cared for so that the family is no longer burdened. Sponsoring a child sends a ripple effect throughout entire communities.