Friday, March 22, 2013

More than a Mouse

~ An Aussie Review ~ 


Hyaline House Publishing April 2013


Penny Reeve

About the Book
Tania Abbey is so excited. She’s waited and waited and it’s finally her turn to bring Pepperoni, the class mouse, home for a week. But her mum isn’t convinced – not with Gran coming to stay - and when Tania’s brother Daniel is involved in a serious accident, the little black and white mouse doesn’t seem quite so important after all. Unimportant, that is, until one night Pepperoni decides to escape...

My thoughts... 
This is a great little book. The seriousness of Daniel's accident is very real and in your face. This is balanced well by the comical mousy escape. I love how we can all, children and adults alike, deal with our own issues, emotions and conflicts when reading fiction. I highly recommend this book. 

About the Author
Penny Reeve grew up as the child of missionary parents in a variety of cross cultural settings. She then went to university, got married and served for several years herself in PNG and Nepal.
She now lives with her family in Western Sydney and is the author of 11 children’s books including the very popular Find the Animal series for young children and the social-justice themed Tania Abbey novels.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Online Conferences and Newsletters

Last week I tapped in to the fabulous, amazing, wonderful IndieReCon.

There was abundant information for authors in general, not just indie authors.

IndieReConLike, how to start a mailing list and how to send out newsletters. Over on the top right, you'll see a new box. All you have to do is pop your email address in and you'll receive all the new and up to date information about my novels.

I will only be sending out newsletters once a month, unless I have some ridiculously exciting news to share with you. The newsletter will also include a health and happiness section where I share on a more personal level. And I'll include my favourite reads each month.

I'm using a free service that was recommended during IndieReCon -  MailChimp . I'm not going to explain how to use it or give you a step by step, because I'm technically clueless. But I worked it out... So, if I can work it out, it must be extremely user friendly.

The other exciting thing I've done since IndieRecCon is start to post poetry from my (to be published) novel Stephanie. If you'd like to read parts of that story, they're up now on Wattpad. I plan to add a new piece each week. Wattpad is a user friendly site with loads of encouraging readers willing to read, comment and vote for your story.

And the best thing about IndieReCon... All the info is still up on their site for anyone to read!