Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Buffy to the King...

Did you know ...
A blog tour can bring out the best and worst in a person. Thankfully I'm claiming this blog tour has brought out the best in me LOL ... you are welcome to interview my family on another day!

TODAY... or somewhere in the last 24 hours... these gorgeous bloggers have found the time to post these awesome blog posts...

Over on Emily R. King's blog, I've written a post about friends.

and Elizabeth Greentree has invited me to tell you all about  my writing process on 100 First Drafts  blog.

Please visit these awesome bloggers and show your support.  :D


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Ah yes, a blog tour. I noted your tour stopped at Carol's site and I was most impressed.

    Good thing you made no mention of blogfests or blog hops, because they make me scream "MAKE THEM STOP!" :)

    Gidday and good day to you.


  2. Blog tours can bring out the best and worst in people? I'll need an example of the worst cause it's always good to learn (what not to do) by example. Congrats on your release! :)


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