Friday, September 13, 2013

Introducing ... Trish Jenkins

~ Author Spotlight ~ 

Please make Trish Jenkins welcome as she visits my blog today. Earlier this week I had the chance of hanging out with her on Google Hangouts - what a cool tool that is. Trish has had an amazing journey and you really need to get her book! It's only 99 cents!

Lets get to know Trish a little better by playing


Favourite food… Roast lamb dinner
Favourite colour… purple
Favourite author… don’t have one
Favourite pastimes.. chilling out with my family, visiting friends, movies
Favourite places…  A swing lounge in my backyard overlooking the Caboolture river.

Inside the prison... (not one of Trish's favourite places)

Blub copied from Amazon... "Prison was not on the "Goal Chart" of successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Trish Jenkins. Conned by a fraud and a breach of the Corporations Act meant losing her multi-million dollar portfolio, including her family home. As a result Trish served 8 months in prison.
Isolated from her husband and 3 little girls, living among Queensland's most dangerous criminals, Trish could have succumbed to despair.
But treasure is found in dark places.
Refusing to be a victim, Trish answered a new calling to make a difference in the lives around her. In doing so she found a different kind of freedom and healing.
Few people learn what prison is really like. Those who have rarely speak of it. 
This is a courageous journey. Better than a memoir, this is real and raw; made up of letters, private journal and hindsight. 
You'll alternately laugh, cry and shake your head as you experience funny stories, tragic circumstances, discouragement, hope and ever present faith.
Journey with Trish as she discovers Treasures from Darkness."


  1. This book is a poignant, true and extraordinary insightful experience
    of the author's 8 months in prison. Her struggle in the prison was
    full of darkness yet she discovered the treasure as the title of the
    book suggests. She was imprisoned in a variety of locations, met
    people and had experiences with lots of emotions. Through her letters,
    personal journals and hindsight, she look back and see things that
    happened from a different perspective now. She also shared with us as
    how she turned to God and gain her faith. Better yet, she was inspired
    to share her journey with others by writing this book. Many of us go
    through trials and tribulations and never stop to help others by
    sharing our experiences. Trish Jenkins is not that person. She felt
    that she was led to write this book. If the reviews she’s received
    thus-far are any indication, the world needed it. She has allowed God
    to use her as a vessel to reach and impact others which she could never thought possible.

    To read more, please click the link below:-

  2. What an amazing experience! I am putting this on my TBR list~

  3. Nice to meet Trish! Sounds like an interesting read. Yikes, what an experience to go through. That's great it's now a book to share those experiences. :)

  4. Hi Trish. What an amazing experience and tale.


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