Monday, May 27, 2013

The Thing About Skin

A funny thing happened on the weekend
I was enjoying a night in Surfers Paradise
To celebrate the love of my life
and his twin brother’s 40th
Two lovely young things
escorted my hubby to the bar
“I’m married” his jovial defence
Soon after, I rocked up
To save my dear husband
When the two young things
Spilled out complements
Beautiful, stunning
and whatever else they jibbered
Then after a closer look
‘I’m a nurse,’ one told me
‘You know, you do look great,
just four lines and some crows feet.
Come into our clinic and we’ll help you with that!’
Oh my goodness
She didn’t realise
There’d be no clinic visit from me
These four lines and crows feet show wisdom
that I’m happy to display
The lines in my face are simply a reward
for this amazing life I live
At times it is tough
At times it is heartbreaking
At times it hurts
But above everything else
It is more than I ever desired
My life is filled with joy and happiness
and I’ll continue to smile
and deepen those lines
of wisdom
and reward...

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  1. Well said! And happy birthday to your husband!

  2. A terrific post! Happy birthday to your hubby~

  3. I didn't know your hubs was a twin! Happy birthday to them both! I admire you're attitude toward age. I'm only thirty-three, and I'm already wearing eye cream at night. But they won't stop the wrinkles from coming, LOL! Bless you, Michelle!

  4. Totally and completely agree! Love this :) And a belated happy birthday to your hubby :)

  5. Great post Michelle! I agree completely. I wear my lines and gravity effected skin with pride! Xo

  6. I hear you! I'm keeping what I have, too.

    Happy late birthday to the Birthday Twins!

  7. Lovely post!! I can't believe someone would have the nerve to actually say this. Lines and wrinkles show that you've lived-- nothing wrong with that!


  8. Some people think it is such a disaster to live and to be proud to show that life.

  9. This is such a great post! Happy late birthday to your husband.


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