Monday, September 3, 2012

If a tree falls?

If and when a tree falls in your life
Who hears?
The forest…
The community…
The suburb…
The nation…
Or just the animals?

Who needs to hear?
I guess it depends on if the tree falls over a hiking path.
Who wants to hear?
Perhaps the wildlife rangers.

When a tree falls in your life… or when you have a major train wreck – who hears about it?
Do you alert your friends, family, the community or nations?
Social media has change our lives in many ways. We can tell the world (our online contacts) about every issue in our lives, both the important and not so important.

It isn't an easy decision to make - when do we tell the world or when should we hold that fallen tree close. It’s often not a right or a wrong decision, but it is a decision to make. 
It's something I've been pondering over.

Who will hold your arms up when you don’t think you can carry on?
Who will help you bury the past? Who will help you move on?