Sunday, August 26, 2012

Real Life Teaches and Inspires

Over the past few weeks I've been questioning many things.

Like, if we read about a bird landing on our porch, 
would it be the same as if we saw it for out own eyes? 

A rainforest is interesting to read about in text, 
it might sound quiet like a creek... 

But to see it in real life... 
sounds a whole lot different. 

Are well living life well? 

And having fun while doing so? 

Can we be a light in the darkness? 

Do your words build up? 

Or do they water down and destroy? 

At times we live life in the wilderness

Overshadowed by beauty and grace. 

This week I've realised how much water inspires me to write. 
I've also seen how real life
is a teacher in itself. 

Learning is in the doing. 

Can I write words that will take people to places 
so they feel they've really been there? 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I ask of you, A recommendation

UPDATE:-Thank you for your recommendations ~ I have now found an editor to work with 

I quit
and then
I began writing again.
Better than just beginning to write.
I began writing a new novel
A Verse Novel
and I’m loving it!

But the reason for this post
Is to ask of you
A favour
A reference
A recommendation

I’m seeking an editor
A fiction editor
Who’s reasonably priced
And incredibly efficient
Ridiculously thorough
And sublimely wonderful to work with

I write YA Contemporary Realism
Please consider this as you mention your favourite

My hubby does not get verse that doesn’t rhyme
If you agree
And don’t get it either
Just ignore the line breaks

Monday, August 6, 2012

A letter to my closest...

I have just completed another revision of one of my young adult contemporary works in progress which we writerly types call - YA Contemp WIP. And it became glaringly obvious during the past week how completely incompetent I become while I’m in the middle of a revision or rewrite.

You were not alone in some of my shocking slip ups…Some of which included… forgetting to remind a friend I wasn’t going to meet her at the park. Forgetting to confirm my son was sleeping over and I just turned up and dropped him off. Staring off into the distance while conversation continued around me. I even stopped the flow of conversation with unnecessary writerly talk. Yes, you see now … (please laugh with me) incompetent in general life. 

So I apologise in advance because this episode that has just past will be a reoccurring event. But I know what I must do so I don’t lose all friends and family in the process.  I must remember to set more reminders on my smart (oh so very smart) phone and write every detail and event on our kitchen calendar (where my kids keep me accountable). And perhaps then, while my head is in a far away land of fantasy, our life here on earth can continue without too much confusion.

I am so very thankful for friends and family who accept that my head is often off in another world with created characters.

But most of all I’m thankful for the ridiculous grace over my life. As I fall asleep each night, I know that tomorrow is new and fresh – and this gift of creativity I have will find the margin to flourish.

And so I sign off in

Love Hope and Grace

AKA Mich/Michelle/Shelle/Micky/Mic/Sis/Cuz/Bob/George (aha.. yep…don’t ask)

photo credit... my camera, my candle, my hand, my keyboard