Friday, December 7, 2012

It was a magnificent holiday

So we're back from holidays...
well we've been back for a week
and it's taken me that long to catch up with some basics... like filing through the emails

Before holidays... I packed a little reading...

Our first night was just hubby and me... ahhh

Then it was out to the country to pick up the kiddies. Boonah is such a pretty area... 

When we made it back to the coast - the kids dived straight in... while I did a little reading and hubby hunted and gathered dinner... 

I set up my night office on the balcony... 

I didn't play as much tennis as I would have liked

but my day office was delightful..

I walked up hills...

and along the beach...

and when a storm came... 

I moved inside and finished my NaNoWriMo. 

Holidays are wonderful
This was the first holiday I've had since I had my energy back
It felt wonderful to have a hit of tennis and go for long walks.
I even found the on site gym and fell in love with the rowing machine. 
We had many wonderful family moments. 
And I only got through two books in that pile. 


  1. Definitely want that office! Happy for your peaceful time away and energy.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you and your family had fun. You can always read those other books later. :)

  3. ha! I love that shot by the pool!!
    Looks like you had an awesome holiday!

  4. You got some good shots!

    Did You read Inside Out and Back Again? I thought it was a wonderful book.

  5. Reading your post was a magic trip to Australia! It was lovely. Thanks.

  6. And I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

  7. It's always great to recharge those batteries.

  8. A lot of that reading pack looks awfully familiar... Haven't had time to get through anything but Motive Games (which made me miss my train stop I got so into it at one point!).


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