Friday, November 16, 2012

Introducing ... Tracey Hoffmann

~ Author Spotlight ~
Please welcome new author, Tracey Hoffmann to my blog.

Tracey agreed to play a little game with me called
It's quite simple, and there are no rules.

What's one of your... 
Favourite foods?  Chocolate, is that a food? No how about fresh fruit MMmm I love fresh fruit too! 
Favourite colours? Definitely green, love all shades of green. Perhaps I should write a book called shades of green :) hehe
Favourite places?  Gold Coast    YES!!! The GC really is paradise!  
Favourite authors? Francine Rivers, Randy Alcorn
Favourite pastimes? Family, walking, reading .... Sorry don't have one  :D

Thanks heaps for playing Five Favourites Tracey!

Now that you know a little more about this amazing new author, let me introduce her books. Yes books.. TWO new releases at once. Isn't she clever. 

Valley of ChayaDeceit, corruption and forced prostitution are words that never crossed
Charlotte's mind as she finalized arrangements for a trip to India. Her
travel partner pulls out at the last minute and Charlotte's father steps in
forbidding her to leave alone. Failing to persuade her brother Eli to join
her, Charlotte slips away under the cover of night setting off a chain of
events that would change her life forever.

Snatched from her world on the streets of Mumbai young Shanti
now faces unspeakable horrors. Her short life had always been one
of hardship but she’d always felt protected and loved by ten-year-old
Ashok, her only family. Where was Ashok now? Would he come for
her? Why was this happening?

Eli and Ashok are determined to rescue their sisters from the dark world
of human trafficking. Will their courage and love be enough to bring
them home or will they find more than what they were looking for?

Valley of Chaya, a story that rasps every emotion and certain to stir
every readers heart.

In a world saturated in wealth and prestige, the topic of human trafficking is becoming more widely talked about.
Slave labour was abolished years ago… or was it?
The Valley of Chaya is a gripping story spanning continents and communities. Dividing families and reconciling them with core revelations.
This is a heart wrenching story, with some graphic violence. I would highly recommend you read this story – it will rock your foundations. 

AnchoredSuccessful business man, David O'Malley thought life would be simpler moving from Sydney to the picturesque seaside town of Blue Bay, known for it's stunning beaches and friendly locals. An unexpected brutal hit and run not only leaves David questioning his decision to move, but throws the sleepy town into a spin, with suspicions running high. 

Mia Dawson had lived in Blue Bay her whole life and she'd never met anyone quite like David. Despite his obvious good looks and city charm her heart was guarded. A series of unexpected events threatens Mia's safety, but sadly she cannot run to the one man she needs the most - her father.

Overwhelmed by deceit and lies, Jonathan only has himself to blame. There's a bitter wedge between him and his only daughter, Mia, which haunts him day and night. Despite living under the same roof his family is falling apart.

Mystery, mistrust and betrayal run deep throughout Anchored. A story where relationships are important but not always as they seem.

We all know lies and deceit are big no no’s… yet how many of us still walk through life and struggle to stay honest?
Anchored takes a look at the working of deceit and lies and the trauma it causes in relationships. 

Both of these are great books 
These books aren't for the light hearted as Tracey deals with heavy issues. 
I highly recommend you purchase both for your bookshelf.

Give a book gift this year. Support a new author.  


  1. Thanks Michelle and its great to meet you Tracey. The books sound great.

  2. Anchored sounds like a great read. Thanks, Michelle! You always have wonderful book recs! :)

  3. They sound great! So you must have read two human trafficking books now then, since Jody's is about that too.

    1. Jody's is still waiting to be read! will get there soon. x

  4. Interesting books! I'd like to read Valley of Chaya. It's a sad story but one that deserves to be told. Christmas is a great time of the year to give books away and support all these hard-working authors!

  5. Tracey, how about fresh fruit dipped in chocolate? ;) And I love green, too! Best of luck with your books.

  6. Wow - very different and intriguing books!

    I like Kelly's suggestion to combine the fruit & chocolate! :)

  7. Chocolate is a food group all its own :)

    These books sound great. Thanks for the introduction!

  8. Thanks Michelle and Tracey for introducing us to those two books. Strawberries dipped in chocolate Yum!

  9. Two very different-sounding stories here. Congratulations Tracey!

  10. Both sound really good.

    And yes chocolate is it's own food group ;)


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