Monday, October 1, 2012

Blowing on the pipe dream.

When I was 13, I started to learn the trumpet. I wanted to learn flute, but my school had run out of those and had a few trumpets waiting to be picked up - so I said I'd give it a go.
I loved it!
I fell in love with brass, with jazz, with loud, with orchestra.
I had a dream of going to the Conservatorium of Music, and one day playing in our state, or national orchestra.

I still love listening to orchestral music. Any music live is wonderful.
There really isn't anything quite like sitting in the middle of 20+ musicians and playing a magnificent piece of music.
But, I had one major issue with my trumpet playing, I lacked confidence - and when you're playing first trumpet and you're about to hit that note that everyone will hear- you need to hit it with confidence.

Before my dreams to play trumpet in an orchestra, I dreamt of being a published author.
I did let go of my dream of a musical career, I'm not sure I was if ever that talented in the musical arena.
But I'm not giving up on my dream of writing a book that is deemed worthy to be published.

What dreams have you let go of?
What dreams are you still holding on to?


  1. Probably the main dream, which was never a major dream and which I never even started going after, was to be an astronaut or astronomer or astrophysicist. ;) Something with 'astro' in it, basically. I'm mesmerised by outer space, but I'm absolutely crap at maths and science and all that stuff, so there's no way I could ever do that stuff for a job. However, I haven't lost my fascination with it.

  2. Wonderful dreams to have. I've heard musicians use different parts of their brains than us normal people. My father was a musician and he's one of the most brilliant men I know. I'm thinking your "musician's" brain will help you write. I can't see how it wouldn't!

    Keep dreaming, Michelle! You'll get there.

  3. Beautiful post, Michelle. You are working on your dream and that is a marvellous journey. Enjoy it.

  4. Lovely post, Michelle. I love the idea of playing the trumpet. I think you should play it for your family's pleasure.

    I agree about writing and I think another Tae Kwon-DO comeback is out of the question. I don't have the teenage angst that helps you fight with grit ;)

  5. I remember being in band, too. went from oboe up until high school when i realized i just was not good. but since i played piano, they moved me to percussion (mallets). if i had to relate to that, i regret that i never joined the marching band. we were the "best in the west" and that scared me! as far as dream: own a horse on a ranch.

  6. Ah dreams I have had many over the years. I did want to be a professional ballerina (dancer) when I was younger. We moved to PNG and there was no ballet teachers there.
    I also dreamed of being a singer - but never pursued it.
    Now I dream of raising my boy warriors to be fine young man warriors who live with integrity!
    I also dream of writing a few books and maybe speaking one day of my experience with overcoming depression, living with a chronic illness for a decade, and whatever else I learn through life in over the next few years - to inspire women to rise up and give them hope.

  7. I really wanted to be an artist, but I stopped practicing and seldom pick up a pencil or brush.

    I played the flute long ago and I miss it.

  8. I'll hold onto the writing dream for as long as God holds the door open. So far, He's been very generous and swung it wide.

    When I was a little girl, I let an uncle talk me out of becoming a librarian. I wish I had not let that dream go...

    Dotti xx

  9. Good to hear you're not letting go of your writing dream!!!

  10. Hold onto those dreams! If they are important enough to you, you'll keep your grasp on 'em. :) I also play piano--only the "easy piano" versions, but I still play because I enjoy the sounds and my ability, minimal tho the latter is. I haven't given up writing yet! It keeps coming back to haunt me.

  11. Simply lovely! I'm glad to know that writing is a dream that is coming true.

  12. Keep on holding on to your writing dream. Keep on writing. It will happen!

    Happy Weekend :)

  13. I joined my elementary band as well - but didn't get the instrument I wanted (which was the trumpet!) because it was considered a boys' instrument. Instead I got the clarinet - which I learned to love as well. It's got such a beautiful hauntinng sound.

    I've had many dreams over the years - they morph and grow and change which is part of the fun! :)

  14. My dream is to make a career as a published writer. My first novel comes out in January and then there are 10 (under contract) to follow. I guess I'll see if my dream comes true or not.

  15. When I was a teenager I dreamt of becomng a writer. I even had some miles on the clock with some comp winning entries. But...I felt it was incredibly daggy and let it go for many years. I took it up again about two years ago, and this time I'm gonna hold on to it. The good thing about writing (as opposed to modelling or dancing) is that it remains a viable option even when you're on the wrong side of forty. Plus I can work on it in my own time, at my own pace.
    Dreams rock. I love following this dream. The saddest people are those with no dreams.

  16. Hi, Michelle! You are actully writing a book and what you write is seeing even in the antipodes! I would like also to write a book but I think that the blog is almost better, you can reach to everybody.
    Anyway you will write that book and I will buy it (you send me it from Australia) but you have to buy mine, eh?
    Greetings, dear friend!

  17. Good for you that you didn't let go of your dream to become an author. The lovely thing about writing is that you don't have to get up on a stage with a one-shot opportunity to either thrill or disappoint your audience. Authors get to rewrite!

  18. Keep dreaming but keep writing! Never let go of yur dreams...

  19. I agree with everyone who wrote about the importance of holding tight to the dreams that mean the most. The dreams I've let slip away were not as important as others that I still have a good grip on--ever hoping and ever striving.

  20. I dreamed of having my own designer clothing line, but in the end I put it on the backburner.

    Didn't let go of it, per say, but I just sort of realized that I'd have to shift one big dream down on my priority list to make the others more attainable. :-)


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