Monday, September 3, 2012

If a tree falls?

If and when a tree falls in your life
Who hears?
The forest…
The community…
The suburb…
The nation…
Or just the animals?

Who needs to hear?
I guess it depends on if the tree falls over a hiking path.
Who wants to hear?
Perhaps the wildlife rangers.

When a tree falls in your life… or when you have a major train wreck – who hears about it?
Do you alert your friends, family, the community or nations?
Social media has change our lives in many ways. We can tell the world (our online contacts) about every issue in our lives, both the important and not so important.

It isn't an easy decision to make - when do we tell the world or when should we hold that fallen tree close. It’s often not a right or a wrong decision, but it is a decision to make. 
It's something I've been pondering over.

Who will hold your arms up when you don’t think you can carry on?
Who will help you bury the past? Who will help you move on?


  1. I tend to lean toward not sharing with the world my woes. My hubby however hears everything hehehe

  2. I tell God, my husband and sister the important things. I tell Facebook and Twitter all the trivial chatty stuff.

  3. There are some benefits from social media, in that the amount of support you can receive is overwhelming in a good way. But there's also too much info from peeps sometimes. Which is why I've pulled back completely. Only my family and close friends need to know the nitty gritty. Social media is for fun stuff. ;D

  4. I nodded and "uh-huhed" through this whole thing. Nicely said!

    Prayer is my major outlet.

  5. Very nice post; I like the poetic-ness of it. :) I think some people say way too much, but then again, others don't say anything, so we never know who they really are. I think a good balance of some personal stuff is good, but not to the point of TMI. I tend NOT to air much personal stuff. If I do share, it's not in detail or else it's just to people I email/know personally, rather than the whole blogosphere. :)

    And I like Emily's idea--prayer too. Great support!

  6. Very beautifully written. I try to keep my problems out of social media. Makes it hard when you just want someone to ask if you are okay, but I have friends that air their every problem on facebook and it gets old after a while.

  7. This is a beautiful post, but it also pricks my concern for you. Hope you're ok.

    Your gut will tell you whom to trust with your worries, and whom to keep smiling and pretend nothing's amiss in front of. Maybe its my age, but my closest friends have no presence on soc. media at all, so I say nothing personal on FB, and save it for a f2f meeting! You dont have that sort of control on social media. So unless its something that will soon become public knowledge, I suggest less is more.

    And if it's something that may soon "leak" and become public, maybe a "brief statement to the press" is enough (eg "my child is being treated for a serious illness, and I ask that my followers respect my privacy on this matter" or "my husband and I have decided to live in separate houses temporarily, as we work things out") is all that's needed.

    Drama Queens might be fun to read about, but they lose respect.

    1. JO, thanks for your concern but all is good. I have been pondering over this thought for a while, I think I used to divulge too much over twitter but I've pulled back.
      General when a tree falls in my life .. I seek God first. Then I confide in my hubby and close (in real life) friends.

  8. Lovely - such beautiful words. I hope all is well with you! *hugs*

  9. Lovely post, Michelle. Thanks for highlighting it in your year-end recap. I used to hold everything close. It's only been in recent years that I've learned to share my heart with others and it has been wonderful to enjoy the friendships that grow from opening up and sharing experiences.

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