Sunday, May 27, 2012

Though the Bud Be Bruised

written by Jo Wanmer

~ An Aussie Review~ 


  “Can one little note, read at midnight, really trigger a chain of events that could shake the very foundation of Zara Heymer's life? Can she even grasp the horror of what has happened within her family? The shock of discovering that evil, cleverly disguised, has penetrated her home and her church has left Zara reeling. Feeling a total failure, she looks for a way to resign as a mother; a way to stop this nightmare.
But her daughter, Issy, desperately needs a good mother as she attempts to face life. Can Zara put aside her grief, her own need for acceptance, her narrow thinking, and deeply ingrained religiosity in time to help Issy? Will Issy even survive?
How could God allow this to happen? Is God even there? Is her faith relevant or is it just a false crutch she has lent upon all these years? Could it possibly be that this nightmare is the way God has answered her prayers?”

Oh my goodness! 
Though the Bud Be Bruised was the most heart breaking, gut wrenching book I've ever read. As the story unfolded, I read through squinted eyes because I didn't want to know the painful details. Thankfully, Jo Wanmer has written this book in such a charming way, that my mind was never bombarded with visual images I’d rather not see.  Jo has written a real life story in a fictional frame. A faction.

I admit, I had to put the book down not once, but twice. Though compelling to read Though the Bud Be Bruised sent me off into my own life, thinking about my relationship with my children, my relationship with God, my friends, my involvement at church, and the big one... my parenting ability. I was moved emotionally and challenged to my core over and over throughout the book.

If you have the slightest desire to protect anyone from sexual abuse – this book is for you. If you know someone who has been abused and want to understand them or be there for them (or anyone in their family) as they heal – this book is for you. If you are a Christian – this book is for you.  If you aren’t a Christian – this book is for you. You get the picture... it's for everyone!

I attended the release of this book where Jo’s husband took the microphone and encouraged men to pick this book up too. (My hubby took the challenge and enjoyed the book as well) This book is filled with stories that will touch and encourage everyone.

2012 Book Challenge

Though the Bud Be Bruised was forwarded to me by Even Before Publishing to read and review and I loved the book so much, I purchased an autographed copy at the launch.


  1. Oh my... You are reading some interesting books! Books that make you think and consider long after you've finished reading are the ones with the most impact!

  2. This book looks intense. It sounds like it may be hard to read, yet well worth reading.

  3. You're very brave to read that after kids. I don't know if I could, but it sounds a powerful read.

  4. Wow, this one sounds like an important, powerful read.

  5. These sound like interesting reads!

  6. I'm a bit scared to even think of reading this, 'cause...yeah...depressing. But it does sound good.

  7. This book sounds so intense.

  8. I loved the title at first glance, but now it seems fitting for what sounds like a powerful and intense novel. Thanks for this review.

  9. Wow! What a great review. This sounds like such a powerful read.

  10. Another book for my "must read" list :-)


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