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Arranged Marriage

Cora Villa by Meredith Resce

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Cora VillaIt's all arranged: Marriage to a man she's never met.
Garrison Stewart is looking forward to the day when his daughter, Cora, will be wed to his former neighbour's son, just as had been arranged fifteen years ago. But that arrangement had been made before Cora had grown up, before the Stewarts had immigrated to Australia, and before Cora had fallen in love with someone else.
Now, Cora is forced to choose between the love of her father and the love of a mysterious who is all too secretive about his past...
A historical romance that examines duty, deceit and desire in 19th century Victoria, from Australian author Meredith Resce. Blurb copiedfrom Goodreads

 I loved this book. It was predictable, the main character Cora was someone I had love/hate feelings towards and at times I wanted to shake many of the characters. But it made me feel, it made me think and it consumed me from the minute I began reading until days after I’d finished.

Seriously, imagine if you knew from a young age your parents had already decided who you would marry. Arranged marriages still happen in our world today. Some say it works fine and for others it turns into disaster.
How do you think you would cope with the knowledge of your own arranged marriage?

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  1. I made a new friend recently whose marriage was arranged for her and she was married at 19! I guess it's turned out okay for her. I don't know her super well yet, but I do find this fascinating ... but I can't imagine it for myself!

  2. This story sounds great. I can't imagine going along with an arranged marriage to a stranger.

  3. Very intriguing Michelle. I guess if you know and like them it's not absolutely terrible but otherwise I think it's awful. At least it's your own parents deciding though, not someone else yikes!

  4. I had much the same thoughts after I read Cora Villa.

    As for an arranged marriage, if your parents loved you and knew you hopefully they would choose you a good match.

    Personally I am glad my parents DIDN'T, apart from anything else my Mum was a bit of a whack-job so who knows who I could have ended up with LOL!

    Mind you, both of my parents approved of my own choice of husband. Dad and hubster are like bff's - it's quite funny, Dad will phone, they will chat for an hour and then ring off and I'll be like "but... didn't Dad want to talk to me??!" LOL I don't mind, I'm just happy they get on so well!

  5. Arranged marriages are abusive... No one should ever be forced to something they don't want. But then again in some cultures the girl is quite happy to accept the norms... Rather like sending young kids up chimneys and down mines was considered the norm!

  6. This book sounds so emotional! I hope it all works out for Cora and that she chooses the one who makes her truly happy! Take care

  7. Not in favor of arranged marriages, but I can see why it was an interesting read. The big negative for me was that you wrote it was predictable. I lose interest when I know early on what is going to happen.

    Thanks for commenting on my site!

  8. Yeah, it wouldn't work for me, unless I got super lucky. I don't know that most people who have arranged marriages will turn out to be THAT lucky, quite frankly. But maybe I'm wrong!

    This sounds like a great read. Gonna add it to my TBR.

  9. Interesting premise. Sounds like a great read. I don't mind predictable books if the writing is good and whisks me away.

  10. I couldn't do it. I'd rebel big time if someone had arranged my marriage.
    Sounds like a great read.

  11. I, too, am a huge reader and I am LOVING your book reviews!
    Thanks for ideas for great reads,


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