Friday, March 2, 2012

Reading Aloud

Little Good Wolf's father is the Big Bad Wolf. Little Good Wolf finds it hard to make friends because of his nasty father so he sends his father off in search of a new job ... when he finds out that being big and bad is part of his father's job - it pays well. 
This book gave me a giggle, it’s fun, it’s cute and it’s a little quirky.
This short chapter book is aimed towards the beginner or early reader - though my 11 year old boy read it and thought it was fun too. 

Do you read aloud? If you have children, do you read aloud to them? 

For years I hated reading aloud, it’s something I was never very good at and just something I avoided. Until, my boy was born nearly 12 years ago. I started to read to him. When he was tiny it was anything, the newspaper, the novel I was reading… just whatever… if he was in the room and I was reading… I’d pick paragraphs or pages to read aloud while he played.

None of my children have sat for very long to listen to books until they were around 3 or 4. I began to read Little Good Wolf (a short chapter book –with pictures on most pages) to my 4 year old... but she wasn’t in the mood to sit and listen ... so I read it to myself. It’s such a fun book I found myself giggling all the way through.

I read to my older children most days – their attention span is still quite short but they all enjoy our story time. Perhaps its hereditary – my attention span is quite short too.

How often do you read aloud?

What is your attention span like when people read to you?

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  1. I have tried reading aloud, and it seems to work really well for catching typos or things that don't sound right. But I confess I haven't ever read an entire story of mine out loud. I guess I just get impatient & start reading faster without speaking.

  2. I must get this book, Michelle. I love reading aloud and did so for my boy right from birth. It's something I naturally like to do - which is great because I am told it is very beneficial.

  3. I actually don't like reading aloud, but I like being read to. For that reason, I read aloud to my children. They love it.

  4. Michelle, I gave you an award on my blog today. Stop by to claim it.

  5. I read to my son every night when he was young. I loved that time together. I need to get that book for a child. It sounds too cute!

  6. Awh that sounds so cute. My two are very hard to pin down for a book but I can just about manage one at bedtime.

  7. I loved being read to as a child, especially at school, when I would simply listen and let the words wash over me. I really enjoy reading aloud too- it's fun doing different voices and being expressive. My kids have been read to since birth and are still read to every day. When they were younger with a shorter attention span I would stick to rhymes and short story books, or a longer book that was paraphrased.

  8. Cute! Little Good Wolf--I love the sounds of that as contrasted with the Big Bad Wolf. ;o) When my daughters were young, I read aloud to them. Even on camping trips. We'd be snuggled into our sleeping bags, and I'd read to them (and their dad). :) I remember reading Hank The Cowdog--love that series!


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