Friday, March 23, 2012

The Joy of Food

OK so I thought I'd take a break from book reviews and post a little food for thought.

I eat well most of the time, but when I get tired, I get slack and eat too much junk and drink too much caffeine.  Lately I've been overwhelmed with tiredness. This week I've found several super quick and easy meals to feed my family, including baked beans on toast. Not completely bad .. right?
Perhaps I need to try a raw week to get back on top of things. I've never been a fan of juicing - but maybe I need to give it a go. Or maybe I'll give the infamous green smoothy a go. Or maybe I just need to sleep for a day.

I need more energy to enjoy my next 40 years!

Do you consider your diet healthy?
Have you joined the raw eaters group or any other interesting fad?


  1. Beans on toast sounds pretty good! I love beans.

    Nowadays, I prefer light and healthy to big meals. We do lots of tuna and fresh salads, avacado, caprese. i just feel better after eating it. But I can't give up my coffee yet. :( Someday maybe.

  2. My diet is not healthy right now, but it will be as soon as the weather gets a little better. I always seem to eat more sensibly in the Spring and Summer :-)

  3. Same here it's half and half. I'd rather have a night's sleep than that green juice lol.

  4. I don't do fads of any kind well. :) We try to eat healthy most of the time too. There are days we slack off - but not too many! As you say, it's mostly when we're tired or sick.

  5. I've just eaten about 20 Twizzlers so I can safely say that no, my diet has not been healthy lately! It's a combo of being busy and tired. I hope to get back on track soon!

  6. Boy do I love food! And I think I'm healthy. Could do with a little less jelly bellys. But what can I say? I'm addicted! :)

  7. I've tried to improve my eating. I eat a whole lot more fresh food than I used to. Unfortunately it's ruined me. I can't stand the taste of frozen vegies anymore hahahaha!
    I still love my dark chocolate though. Not giving that up.

  8. Hello Michele. Firstly I want to say your profile photo is beautiful!!! and you look so fresh and healthy in it.
    LOVVVVVE The Youtube on Gods Pharmacy, who can say there is no God after watching this??? I reckon I will put it on my Health Blog, it gets the message across well.
    I love Juices.. BUT sitting and writing and not getting around enough is making me fat. Blessings xxx

  9. I go through spurts where I eat healthy for a while and then I sort of forget and slip back into old habits. I should get back to eating more healthy though. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Don´t worry if you change a little your diet. Sometimes that it´s great. And about forty, that´s really? You seem in the best age, forties are good (I say you by experience).By the way, I love your photo in the top of the blog. A lovely family (Congratulations!)in an espectacular sea and landscape. Where is it? If you give your permission, maybe I would like to write a poem about it.
    Greetings, my friend, from Spain!


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