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Blue Skies by Fleur McDonald

Blue Skies
~ An Aussie Review ~ 

Armed with an honours degree in Agribusiness, Amanda Greenfield dreams of employing all the skills she's learnt at college to help her father turn the family farm from a debt-ridden, run-down basket case into a thriving enterprise. Then tragedy strikes with the death of Amanda's mother in a car accident. Wracked by grief and guilt, and wearied by the long struggle to keep Kyleena a going concern, Amanda's father argues that they should sell up and get on with their lives away from the vagaries of drought and fluctuating stock and crop yields. Having inherited half the farm from her beloved mother, whom she also grieves for, Amanda determines to summon all her strength, grit and knowhow to save Kyleena. Along the way she faces mixed fortunes in both love and life... (blurb copied directly from Goodreads)

Recently I read Heart of Gold by Fiona Palmer, that dealt with depression and now I’ve just finished Blue Skies by Fleur McDonald – which also deals with depression. Depression can strike anyone down and if undetected or unnoticed, the consequences could be heartbreaking. I’ve put some links on the Heart of Gold post to do with depression… please pop over to that page and check the links out if you suspect anyone close to you may be suffering with this illness.

Thoughts while reading Blue Skies
I had one main train of thought the whole way through, and that was, our actions can affect others. In this life we live, we can only be responsible for how we act and how we react to others around us. But in those actions, other people are often affected. Kind of made me think twice (or make a mental note to think twice) with decisions and changes I implement in life around me – as it will always affect other people – for good or bad – and that is always an unknown.

Blue Skies is a brilliant book by Fleur McDonald, I literally could not put it down! It had mystery, intrigue, fear, history, courage and love wrapped up in a page turning saga.

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  1. Blue Skies sounds like it has an interesting plot. And I love the theme of our actions potentially affecting others. Thanks for this review!

  2. It sounds fantastic, and I love the cover!

  3. I enjoy reading your reviews. You are choosing books that are all new to me. Thanks!

  4. Great review. This sounds like an amazing book.

  5. I love the cover. Thanks for introducing me to this book.

  6. This is not one I'd normally pick up to read, but after reading your review I've changed my mind. The book sounds great.

  7. A book that has all that is one I would probably read again and again. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Sounds like a great read. ANd that's a terrific looking family you have there.

  9. Sounds like a really beautiful book. I like stories where the choices have ramifications beyond the immediate. :-)

  10. Hi, I'm here from Linkedin/Twitter. I really enjoyed reading some of your posts--your reviews provide interesting thoughts and analyses. Now I'm off to your FB page to check out your books. Keep up the good work!


    PS - In response to your Tweet, I sometimes follow back on Twitter, but I really enjoy connecting with people through their actual work, websites, blogs, etc. instead, and helping to drive traffic to those places. :)

  11. Nice review. It's good to remember how our actions can affect others. That thought reminds me of THIRTEEN REASONS WHY as well.

  12. Thanks for sharing your AWW review, I hope to read this too

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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