Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Challenge ~ Australian Women Writers

This is a great challenge if ever I did see one. 
Reading and supporting Aussie women writers. So easy! 
I'll be starting with ...

Ellenvale GoldCome Back to Me

Beneath the Shadows

 Terry       The Schoolmaster's Daughter: A Novel   Blue Skies    What Alice Forgot      A Full Life  The Rainbow Necklace   The Embarrassed Evangelist    A Little Wanting Song      
[Cover] Product: Cora Villa ImageA Simple Mistake 

Who knows what else I'll end up reading. We have so many talented women who write in this beautiful country.

~~ Happy reading in 2012 ~~

What books do you plan to read this year?

Shown above :- Ellenvale Gold by Amanda Deed, Come Back to Me by Sara Foster, Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster, Beyond Resolution by Rose Dee, Terry by Anne Hamilton, Sandra Temple, The Schoolmaster's Daughter by Meredith Resce, Blue Skies by Fleur McDonald, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, A Full Life by Vivien Wilson, The Rainbow Necklace by Jacqueline Larsen - (Australian Girl), A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley, Heart of Gold by Fiona Palmer, Cora Villa by Meredith Resce, A Simple Mistake by Andrea Grigg, Purple Roads by Fleur McDonald


  1. I've read a lot of books on your list and they are goodies. Also some on your list I want to read this year to. SOOOOOOOOOOOO many good books, sooooooo little time :(

  2. I do a lot of reading of new books for children and YA through Sacramento Book Review. I get new books each month, and only see the book list to choose from as it comes out each month. So . . . my reading list for the year is a surprise. Great fun, though.

  3. Great list! I have one of those on my list, but I'll have to check out the others :)

  4. Some great selections!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  5. Thanks for this list. I'm doing a 52 books in 2012 challenge ('s really just me challenging me..) and It'd be good to get some more Australian authors in there. The only one of those I'd read was What Alice Forgot (I own that one, it's good. If any of your readers want it, they are welcome to it, for the cost of postage. I'm vision impaired now, so can only read e-books on my large screen).

    Going to try to see if I can download some of these tonight. :)


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