Saturday, April 30, 2011

And the winner is….

That was fun!                       

Thank you so much for commenting and joining in with my 200th blog celebrations.

Using the numbers were drawn…

First was … 9

Second… 10

And Third…20

Which means Nellbe, Candice and Project Life have all won something amazing.

I’ll be email you soon.

Love hope and grace


Monday, April 25, 2011


We need to celebrate. Take time out and enjoy life. We’ve just had a fabulous weekend, celebrating Easter and ANZAC day.

With celebrating comes eating loads of yummy food.

And giving gifts.

And have heaps of fun.

Today I’m celebrating my 200th blog post.

I’m taking a moment…

To thank you for coming back.

A moment to thank you following my blog.

A moment to give you something... well not all of you… just a few…

Three prizes…

First … 235g Lindt Lindor

Second … Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery – either a butterfly anklet

                                                             - or a hematite heart necklace

Third … 150g Cadbury Roses
Or - A book – Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani


Follow this blog… and leave a comment. Tell me how you love to celebrate and what country you live in

I will email the winners – so please make sure your email is easy for me to find through blogger or Google friend or leave it in the comments.

Not for extra entries but just to be nice… tweet, facebook, or blog about my little give-a-way.



Prizes may change during the week.

Winners will by chosen via on Saturday night 30th April, 2011

The winner has one week to respond to my email or winning post

International entries are welcome and if drawn will be offered jewellery only.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What you do speaks volumes

In everything we do, we are saying something to our children.

In everything we do, we speak not only to our children, but also to the children in our world.

When did our value become so attached to our appearance? The value of who we are, needs to go deeper than our skin.

I have been thinking a lot lately with the American style beauty pageants coming to Australia. I do not want to this post to be about what is right or what is wrong. What I do hope, is that you take a moment to think about at how you communicate with children.

These thoughts come purely from my own up bring and my life – which may be completely different to yours. For many years, I had eating disorders and self esteem issues. I hope my children never have those issues.

Our beauty is from within
Our beauty is not just skin
We hear words spoken
From an age too young
We are influenced
But not often encouraged
We are told to fix it
To be accepted
Yet we are perfect
The way we’re created

Our body is a vessel
To move us through this life
Our features are not faults
One of a kind – unique
Our heart can be filled
Our heart can be shattered
What you do speaks volumes
What you say may be heard

How can a toddler understand?
That value is not determined
By the curl of their hair
By the lash on her eye
Their value is deeper
Creation at its purest
Their perfection resonates

Idealistic pretty is short
Youth lived is a season
Genuine beauty is forever
Compassionate hearts shine
A generous life is expansive
Humanity is calling us

Do we teach our children?
Do we show our children?
Do we guide our children?
Do we push our children?

A pageant is harmless
If the heart is guarded
If the value is secure
If the beauty is deeper
Than the skin that is seen

To run free
To be shining
And bright
To feel alive
To live each
Moment with joy
To find peace
To know that who they are
Is who they were meant to be

Our children
More than ever
Need value placed
Deeper than the skin
As deep as we can get
Our value lies in our heart
The person we were created to be

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Jump!

Friday Flash is an online community where each Friday writers post a fiction piece of 1000 words or less on their blog, then link up with everyone else.

You can find heaps of great, short Friday reading by using #FridayFlash on twitter or by going to the Friday Flash blog.
I use this as an exercise to keep my creativity flowing. When I post a piece of flash fiction, it is usually written in less than an hour and has probably only had one edit.

Don't Jump!
Don’t jump over that tree!
There’s a monster in there, its big and black and has multiple limbs.
Don’t jump over that bush!
There’s an animal in there, breathing deeply and will attack at any minute.

I won’t jump over the tree
There are branches to climb up and branches to slide down
I won’t jump over the bush
There’s plenty of room, I can walk either side and pick a flower as I go.

Aren’t you scared?
Of what you cannot see?
Aren’t you scared?
Of the noises unknown?

No, I have faith
That I can climb and not fall
I have faith
That there is nothing to fear

Don’t stand up
Someone might see you
Don’t go there
You will be found out

I can stand up
I’ll wave when they see
I can go there
Perhaps first, I will find them

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lisa Heidke’s Claudia’s Big Break

Claudia's Big Break

This is story about best friends, who have drifted apart but choose to holiday together, which leads them to multiple dilemmas. Claudia takes a married friend with one child away with her. We see the hard side of life with a child and workaholic husband. Claudia also takes with her, her single friend who has swayed between same sex relationships and heterosexual relationships. The three girls are all falling a little short of living a wonderful life.

While reading…
We learn about Claudia’s history, and what has happened in her past to make her who she is, we question marriage, and children and our true outlook on parenting. We can also take a moment as we read to question why or why not we choose our sexuality and who we are attracted to.

Thoughts while reading …
The main character in the book turns 39 while holidaying on a the Greek Island. I read this the week I turned 39. (no holiday – feet firmly planted with 4 kids, business, and hubby) But it was kind of fun to celebrate my birthday with Claudia. Aside from fun, I was thankful throughout reading this story. Thankful for this life I live. I too have a workaholic husband, but we have found our groove and our life flows in and around the business. I love and enjoy my children, parenting to me is a career and I am certain this is the position I’m meant to be in at this point in my life.

This truly is a great read, light and lovely with a little mystery. Though quite predictable, reading the workings out of the girls’ adventure is a page turner and very enjoyable.

I won a copy of this book via Goodreads First reads