Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday what...

It's been a week since my last post.
What can I say...
I've been reading...

and writing...

and drinking loads and loads of tea

while schooling my kids...

and trying to get over a silly cold that I've had for three and a half weeks.

I thought I was better yesterday ... but I feel miserable again today.

I will return soon. Happier and heathier.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing is a Song...

A new story came to me last night, an idea for another novel. When I woke up this morning, instead of reading for 15 minutes like I usually do, I played out the possible plots, dreamt up characters and settings, and got excited for a moment.
And then after lunch my children went to the library and I opened up my current WIP to edit some more. That is when this bounced into my mind...

Writing is a song

To enjoy
To inspire
Editing is a job
To endure
To be done
Writing is pure joy
For the soul
For the mind
Editing is a task
Involving pain
Taking time
Writing is for me
And for others
Who may read
Editing is for the editor
To make it right
And correct
Writing is calling me
New stories
New ideas
Editing is annoying me
But to get published
I must persist

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outback Aromas ~ Angel Kisses

Recently I had the privilege to review the Outback Aromas, Angel Kisses candle.

When the Outback Aromas box arrived, I could smell the delicious contents before I even opened it. Their scents are divine!

Angel Kisses is Outback Aromas lavender plus special secret ingredients scent. Before the candle was lit this delicious candle had our home filled with its scent.

After burning for 30 mins...

and after burning for 60 minutes...

As you can see, the 60 hour candle, had not melted completely to the sides of the glass after 1 hour, so I can see that this candle would definitely last the promised 60 hours.

I love soy candles. Here is some great information straight from the Outback Aromas site…

Candle tip: always remember to trim the wick down to 5mm between each candle burning session. If the candle begins to smoke, blow it out and trim the wick. If it’s smoking, chances are it’ll burn too fast.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Darker Music by Maris Morton

A quick peek…

Mary Lanyon is the temporary housekeeper at Downe, Western Australia, a famous Merino stud. When she arrives, she discovers the owner’s wife, Clio, has been very sick and the house is a mess, dirty and filled with secrets.

Mary’s recognises straight away that there are many puzzling questions needing answered. Though as an employed staff member, she doesn’t want to pry into the family’s problems, yet finds herself in the thick of the unravelling thread.

Some thoughts …

Some things in our lives can eat away at us like a cancer, it’s so important to deal with our issues and move forward in life. If a writer was never allowed to write or a musician never allowed to play music. Our souls begin to die if we never feed the inner self, the very thing that gives us the most pleasure which creates joy in our lives. When this is fulfilled, abundant joy in our lives overflows and we can reach out to others.

Creative skill…

Maris takes us on a journey to unravel the mysterious family tapestry of silence, blame, neglect, dysfunction and grief. Her words compel us to turn every page, hoping for some more information to piece the ‘Downe’ puzzle together. Morton draws us in with intriguing facts about the wool industry, fossils and wildflowers. Her descriptive prose intoxicates the senses with her vivid depiction of rural Western Australia. As she illustrates the timeless musical greats, I could imagine the string section tuning up, and her ability to portray the many meals served throughout the book will have you salivating.

'Like' Auctions For Dignity and Hope and be ready to place a bid on this book in our next auction

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Session - Flash Mob - Robert Miles

I thought I'd drop in a play again this week.

A little game my sister Thea, likes to call Sunday session.

I never play by the rules.. but she lets me get away with that!

My kids love this... so do I... we play it regularly... we all love to read...

How cool is Robert Miles' Children? I love it. love it. love it.

And also from the 'Dreamland' album - In My Dreams...

and Princess of Light

along with Jesus Culture these Robert Miles songs are music to my writing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Alphabet Soup Magazine...Winner!!!

Earlier this week I offered for one lucky reader to win the current Alphabet Soup Magazine.

I just drew the lucky winning number using (If I knew how ... I would have posted the pic of the winning number here - but I don't know how to do that)

And the winning number was....


Jo-Anne Puggioni!!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Samuel's Kisses


Delightful, lovely, beautiful, fun, happy, enchanting, charming and beautiful are all words that came to mind as I read this gorgeous picture book.

I shared it with my children and asked their honest opinion…

Mr 10 ~ It’s a happy book. I liked how the boy made everyone happy.

Miss 9 ~ This could be the best book I’ve ever read. It ends with everybody happy.

Miss 7 ~ I liked it because it was nice and he gave kisses

& Miss 3... well she just loved us reading it to her.

Read and enjoyed by everyone in our house.

Congratulations Karen Collum & Serena Geddes ... this truely is an amazing book.