Monday, December 5, 2011

Mentorship and more

Ok.. so I’ve had a run of book reviews here on my blog and I thought it was about time to write a personal post.
I didn’t quit writing, as I suggest I might in The Day IQuit Writing.
I did make it to the end of November with 50000 words and 30 Picture Book ideas.
I also went away for 2 weeks in November, but before we went away, I had the opportunity to spend a day with an author and work on the first 50 pages of my YA contemporary novel. There were four of us busily working on our laptops while the lovely Mary Hawkins moved between us, reading, helping and guiding. The day was filled with wonderful conversation and loads of laughs.
I was advised by a couple of published authors to focus on one genre until I get published, and develop a readership. At the moment I write picture books, chapter books and YA. So they gave me something to think about with that.
We also spoke quite a bit about formatting and editing. Smaller publishers who take on unsolicited manuscripts don’t have the time or resources to edit like the larger companies, so to have a chance a publication, the correct formatting and a professional edit is very important.
A great tip Mary had was to enlarge the font to super large to pick up any spacing errors.
I also spent an afternoon in Paula Vince’s Page Turning Fiction Masterclass. Most of what she shared I had heard or read before, but to hang out with ten other writers was just fantastic. Paula had us honing in on our skill with writing exercises which mostly ended in laughter.
These two days were part of the Word Writers Fair in Brisbane. A great conference both for those with a Christian background or without.

Today I am a guest! I’ve written a poem. Please pop on over to Princess Warrior Lessons.


  1. So glad you didn't quit writing! Thank you for guest posting on my blog today. xo

  2. What a fun day with other writers! I think they're right about picking a genre until you establish a readership. But which will it be? Hmm...

  3. I always look forward to the November writer weekends in Brisbane and had a great time too.

  4. You nearly quit? No way! You are far too talented a writer, Michelle, and a real privilege to try and help such a very promising writer! That day was also a learning experience for myself and indeed great fun.

  5. It sounds like your November was very productive! It's great that you had such wonderful experiences! There is nothing like some expert hands-on feedback! And YAY that you didn't quit! :)

  6. Wow you are on fire girl! 50000 words, 30 picture book ideas AND the Word Writers Fair. I've never done one of the masterclasses or the sessions like you did with Mary. Maybe if I ever get another manuscript finished. I guess doing Footprints, blogging, the FOCUS ezine take up my time at the moment. I'm happy though and that's the main thing. And who knows, maybe some of the stuff on my blog may just end up as a book ...

  7. You sure have been busy! Doesn't sound like you could quit if you tried. :) I love the idea of enlarging the type. My thumbs and the space bar are conspiring to add extra spaces all over my manuscript!


  8. I just read a good post by a very good US agent about writing different kinds of books. Well worth a read. And she also mentions other problems too.

    And Footprints? I think with your ability YOU should be a mentor! LOL

  9. Wow - sounds like a fabulous experience! I haven't had the chance to speak face to face with other writers (aspiring or otherwise). Sounds well worth it! :)

  10. You've been busy! And it sounds like you've been having a great time and learning a lot . I'm so glad you didn't quit writing!


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