Thursday, November 10, 2011

Justice at Baragula by Mary Hawkins

~ an Aussie Review ~ 

When heavy illegal behaviour transforms a person to become hardened and detached, can justice melt away those calloused years and renew the beauty within? This is what Mary Hawkins explores in Justice at Baragula, the third in the Baragula Trilogy.

The first, Return to Baragula and you may have already read my review for Outback from Baragula - are all great books, but I have to say Justice at Baragula has become my favourite in the series.

In this novel, we return to the mountains of Baragula to two of the characters from the other stories, Brad and Madeline.

The now less than friendly Maddie has many secrets that begin to unravel when her pet cow is mysteriously found off the farm and fire destroys parts of her family property.

Bradley Hunter, the likable policeman from the previous stories, is out to solve the mysteries that have hardened his long time friend and childhood flame, Maddeline Huneysuckle.

This page turner novel is action packed with a hint romance where the characters questions their faith. Mary then delves into how the characters deepen their faith.

Mary Hawkins is a highly acclaimed author with more than 800000 books in print.Wow.. yes I had to read that figure twice.

And tomorrow, I get to hang out with Mary and work intensively on one of my novels.  I'm completely beside myself with excitement!

I'm off to fetch my learning hat! 


  1. That sounds like a great read and wow for being able to meet the author. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Nice review and interesting book. I hope you had a great time working on your novel with Mary. What a wonderful opportunity!

  3. What fun! Learn a lot and then share please! :)


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