Friday, November 4, 2011

The Anything Shop

 The Anything Shop

~ An Aussie Review ~

The Anything Shop 
written by Dawn Meredith 
Illustrated by Lesley Vamos

This chapter book takes kids into the world of intangibles. Charlie is happy to trade the hugs he receives from his family for a new magical cricket bat.  After glorious praises for his new cricket talent, Charlie begins to miss his family’s hugs. He meets Sam, who didn’t like his family laughing at him and happily traded the laughter for a shiny new spy kit. Sam soon realised that not only had his family stopped laughing at him, they wouldn’t even laugh when he was trying to be funny. Together the boys set out to snoop on the owners of the anything shop, hoping to exchange the spy kit and cricket bat in return for their hugs and laughs.

This is a fun story for the early reader or a lovely book to read to children. With fun illustrations dotted throughout, it will urge even the most reluctant reader to turn the page. The Anything Shop opens the readers’ eyes to intangibles. 


  1. We thought this was a great book for my 7 year old, too. Perfect illustrations for the cute story.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for such a great review of my wee book! Its been entered in the Aurealis Awards, so wish me luck!
    cheers, Dawn
    Here's the link to my blog:


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