Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angel's Bend by L.A.Dale

~ An Aussie Review ~

OK so this was my holiday reading pile at our holiday unit. I made a fair dent in it and that's why you'll see more than the usual amount of reviews popping up on my blog. Watch out for the top book on the pile, next time you see it on my blog, there will be a give-a-way attached. 

~The Review ~ 

Seventeen year old Lacey, completely ran off the rails after the death of her mother. To get her life back into order and complete high school, she moves to a small town to live with her aunt. She hopes to leave her past behind and start afresh.
            Lacey is lured to join a gang whose dress code is black clothes, black eye liner, black hair etc. She finds herself attracted to two very good looking boys in the town - Zac, the leader of the gang and Cam the guy who seems to be stalking her and tends to turn up when Lacey finds herself in trouble.
            In a mix of demons and angels together with God and Satan, the characters turn to tarot card reading and wicker to find solutions. Being a Paranormal Romance, this isn't the regular genre I choose to read, but it is a compelling story and literally couldn't put it down.
            L.A. Dale posted an invitation to read her book on Goodreads, I decided to check it out and purchased Angel's Bend through Amazon. This is the first full novel I've read in ebook format and as I sat down to write the review, I realise how much I like to hold the book in my hand and flick through for a quick revision before writing. Perhaps next time I plan to review an ebook novel, I might take some notes as I go.
           I have to say I still believe that nothing beats the feel of paper in your hand but I'm so ok with technology and look forward to buying loads more ebooks in the future. 


  1. Thank you for that lovely review! I hope you become an ebook convert! I am! Of course, there's always the paperbacks :)

  2. Nice review. And that's a sweet cover. I'm a sucker for anything with moons on it. Most of the time. This is certainly one of those times! :)

  3. Looks like I have another novel to add to my own to-be-read pile. : ) I agree that nothing beats the feel of a book in the hands, but ebooks are so easy and convenient.


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