Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Road Trip

Last week we took a road trip
To visit some friends afar
We stopped and ate
And stopped to play
And enjoy ourselves
All the way

We could only find one place
That could contain a family of six
A two bedroom deluxe villa
With room only to swing a cat
(there was no cat swinging involved)

We invited our friends around
A bestie, her hubby and their seven kids
And hosted them for dinner
In our deluxe little shed

It was such a blessing for them and us
With seven kids invitations aren’t flowing
And they all played so happily together
We had plenty of time to chat

The next day we left our
Paper walled temporary house
And hung out all day with our friends
Red dirt ground through everything
Including hair and faces
Proved that everyone had fun

When we left late in the afternoon
My heart was full
My friendship tank overflowing
And my creative side had been filled with visuals

Dotted all over the countryside
Were rusty sheds
And falling down shacks
The kind that inspires me no end

When and where was your last road trip? Have you been out and about lately? What inspires you? 


  1. sounds like you had a great road trip. My last one was down south to Melbourne and then along the Great Ocean Road. Loved it.

  2. oh yay! Road trips are so fun and even better when there is a friend at your destination.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time!
    It's been so long since I've been anywhere. I just content myself with reading about everyone else's trips :-)

  4. I can't believe you forgot your camera!!!! DOH!
    But so happy you had such a wonderful time. xx

  5. That sounds fantastic! Hm... it's kind of hard to take a road trip in the UK. You end up stuck in traffic!

  6. What fun! Most of my trips have been by air lately, but I'm looking forward to a road trip south in December.

  7. A non-fiction vacation poem? Neat! And some lovely location shots.

  8. We haven't been on one in so long.. just waiting for the little ones to be able to drive more than an hour without going too crazy! Soon! xo m.


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