Monday, October 24, 2011

Mary's Guardian by Carol Preston

~ An Aussie Review ~ 

MARY’S GUARDIAN follows William and Mary, through the struggles and turmoil of life in early Australia. They are separated and jailed in England before travelling with the first fleet of convicts to Sydney Cove. When they arrive, they are reunited and work hard to find their place in this harsh new country. Mary and Williams struggles go beyond setting up house and a farm. Starting a family for them is anything but a natural progression. Their love holds strong through many losses and their faith helps them to continue pushing forward.
Some convicts didn’t survive the extreme conditions of the journey by sea to Australia, but many did. They served their time and then many of them were rewarded with a patch of land to work for themselves.
The characters in ‘Mary’s Guardian’ have endless courage and strength. Just like the convicts that settled here first, they fought against the odds and left a legacy for generations to reap.
Carol Preston has thoroughly researched the convict years and used real characters to enhance her fictional story. While reading this novel, I wished I was from convict blood and I am thankful for their hard work and their discoveries which make Australia what it is today. From floods to droughts to fires, this country I love to call home was settled by some mighty pioneers.
Mary's Guardian has a touching ending and is well worth the read. 


  1. Well I am from convict blood on my mother's side! (Can't you tell? *grin*) Can't wait to read this. Sounds like a book I would love - a novel with historical tones. Great review. xo

  2. I love books that really speak of the history of a place, and remind us what we owe those who came before us. This sounds like an awesome book!


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