Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Good Wagon & Follow Me...

~ An Aussie Review~ 

Below are two new books in the Car Park Parables Series. These books make a great gift and a lovely addition to your bookshelf. 

The Good Wagon
The Good Wagonby Paul Clark 
Illustrated by Graham Preston

When Hot-headed Harry parks beside Frieda the family car, an argument breaks out. Old Mr T speaks with a calming tone and tells the cars a new version of the Good Samaritan. They listen intently and find themselves challenged by the story. Then quietly, without blowing his own horn, Hot-head Harry has the opportunity to put what he’s learnt into practise. 

Follow Me

Follow Me...

by Paul Clark 
Illustrated by Graham Preston

Tony Tractor usually spends time in worship on a Sunday morning, but on this particular morning, he is led on a very long journey. Old Mr T encourages Tony Tractor and the other car park friends to ‘Come, follow me.’ They journey together, not knowing where Old Mr T is taking them until they reach their final destination where the view is magical. The cars learn what Jesus really meant when he said, ‘Follow me.’

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I received these books free from Even Before Publishing to read and review


  1. These books sound wonderful.
    The cover illustrations look good too

  2. look like good reads. love the covers.

  3. I hadn't heard of these! They're going to make a lovely christening present for somebody small I know in a couple of months, thanks!

  4. Thanks for the Review Michelle. Glad you like them!

  5. Cute books! I am already thinking of a couple readers who might love them. Thanks!

  6. I love that these are told by cars! They sound awesome.

  7. Yay! great books for boys. Love the covers.


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