Sunday, September 11, 2011

So I’ve been revising

So I’ve been revising.

Off in my own little world.

Preferring to stay at home at night rather than catching up with family or friends.

Some would say ‘crazy’

Others I’m sure … understand.

While rejections from all directions keep flooding in... I continue to work on new and exciting ideas. And then at night I enjoy revising. Finding delicious descriptions, filling in the details of characters and making my WIP sing and believing that with some more work it will be all glossy and ready to submit. But before I submit…

There is the tentative stage, where I start sending my WIP out to critique partners and beta readers. I hit send, pull a finger to my mouth, and then try to forget about it and move onto the next chapter or something else.

And speaking of the something else... I have one wonderful Chapter Book critique partner, but I’m looking for a couple of beta readers or crit partners for these younger WIPs as well. Please let me know if you’d be interested.

Which stage of writing do you enjoy?

What is a stand out book you’ve read this year?


  1. I love the first draft. Just writing and writing with no worries about little things like description or spelling :-)

  2. I love being a beta reader! You are FABulous!!

  3. Hm... I love it when I've finally got everything pulled together and I'm *almost* happy with it!

  4. I enjoy the outline and drafting.
    the very first thought of my
    characters excites me.

    Stand out book of the year -so far:
    The Girls Who Went Away: the story of
    young women who surrendered their
    babies for adoption, before Roe vs.

  5. I'm sure someone else we know said they were looking to join a critique group, I wish I could remember who. Send me anything anytime :)

  6. Make sure you have fun. That's the main thing. You know, I think this stage you're at is now among my favourites, because you have the bare bones and now have to flesh them out. I used to hate this stage but now enjoy it.

    Thinking it over, I think all authors need to fix it in their heads that finishing a story is not getting close to the end but just the beginning.

  7. With my last manuscript, I really enjoyed the first draft and the final revisions. There was a tricky draft in the middle, but that was fun in a different way--like a very challenging puzzle.

    I'm glad you're enjoying revising! Best of luck when you start submitting again! :)

  8. The changes I've made to the first chapters of my historical YA, The Underground Gift, are the result of two rejections I received, one from an editor and one from an agent. I love the moment when the characters truly come alive and the plot flows like a river with a strong current. And I love doing edits that strengthen the plot.

  9. I love drafting. It's new and exciting.

    Michelle, I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out because you're it!

  10. I love, love, love the revising stage(s). I taste freedom once the first draft is done and I have something down on paper (or computer screen). I totally understand staying at home to revise.

  11. Are you familiar with Wattpad? Look up 'Bed of Roses' by princessB1992.

    A homeschooled senior in our church wrote that. She hasn't had time to do more than get it down over the summer. Now she's off to Bible college and they discourage internet activities while studying. I'm hoping to work with her on editing. I've encouraged her and another girl -- both were in my Sunday school class -- and both now have manuscripts ready to edit and send out.

    Isn't wonderful?


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