Monday, August 29, 2011

The Valley of a Writer

I’m in a valley.

Facing the question…

‘What if I never get published?’

Sure I have short stories and articles published.

But … What if my books are never accepted by a publisher?

Would I continue to write?

The answer is yes.

I am a writer

My soul is alive when I’m writing

But I’m in a valley

It’s very dark

And I don’t want to burden you with details

Except to say

The best thing about valleys…

Is eventually you find your way to the mountain peak

So until I’m climbing that mountain

I’m stepping out of social media

Hope you are all still here when I return.


  1. You do what's right for you, and we'll see you when you get back :-)

  2. Hey you, you don't write like you're in a valley at all. You have a lovely poetic style and I think its only a matter of time before you make it :)

  3. Keep climbing, keep moving forward - that's what it's all about! :)

  4. Oh lady I love your heart!
    You're going to get through, you're going to get published and you are going to sine His light in a dark world!!

  5. Don't forget that for something to be birthed it first has to go through the death process, and then the resurrection. Allow the process to happen and see what God does!! You will be amazed xx

  6. All the best Michelle. Hope things sort themselves out and you are back here soon xx.

  7. We'll be here. Take good care of yourself x

  8. Never say "never"! Perseverance is the key, I'm convinced, in this world or writing and publishing. Wishing you the best of everything!

  9. I ask myself the same question and find the same answer. Enjoy your break.

  10. Michelle, some cultures consider valleys places of safety, peace and beauty. I hope you find much of these while taking a well-deserved break from social media. We'll be here ready to learn from your wisdom. A virtual hug for you.

  11. i saw an interview of a famous auther on TV last night. He was talking about how many times he was rejected, rejected by the same people that eventually published him. He also said that the most romantic times of a writers life, are the rejection years. It's when you are striving for something, not giving up or giving in... doing exactly what you want. When you have a publisher and an agent and all these 'other' opinions, it's just not the same. i adore your writing and it seems like it touches a lot of people. Write for Him not him. XO


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