Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not So Sunny Saturday

When I woke up this morning to this

I grabbed my cuppa and went back to bed!
And read a little fiction
Then a couple of kids books
Then I downloaded a couple of kids books onto my iPad for my girls who wanted to join me in bed
Then I indulged in a little study with 'Self Editing for Fiction Writers'

There is nothing I love better on a wet day
Than to stay home and write!!
I'm thankful that there is no sport
No commitments
No pressing housework (except a load of washing)
And my kids are tired
So they are watching movies
While I'm working on my WIP

What do you do on lazy rainy days?


  1. sounds like a perfect morning....

  2. Ooh that sounds divine. I've had a good reading and writing couple of days myself (you should see the house lol)

  3. Rainy days are great for me as long as I have no need to go outside. It's the best time to read and drink a cup of hot cocoa. :)

  4. Usually I like to do just what you're doing - staying in bed reading. But today we're off for a visit with the counsellor (joys of single parenting - a must), then lunch at Koorong then a visit to see some koalas. All sunny day stuff, but we're sticking at it!

  5. I don't get dressed if it rains on the weekend and I don't have to go out :-)

  6. I have to go outside and get wet... we love to ride bikes in the rain, or take a walk to the beach to check out the waves.

  7. That's exactly what I like to do too. Ahh it's great NOT having anything to do, esp. not commitments. So hard to find those moments these days that, when we do, we think something is wrong.

    It's great to know how to let go, and do as we like i.e nothing, the best choice (and better in bed- of course!)


  8. Wow, that's a very WET day! I love curling up with a good book when it's rainy like that.


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