Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Session .. yesterday and today...

Who I was at 17...

and who I am now....

I love good music

My sister hosts The Sunday Session every Sunday over on her blog.. I don't always play by the rules... but i love to join in some weeks.. because I love music.


  1. I love these Michelle. If I do another YA round of my musical stories, I'm going to steal the Edie Brickell one :)

  2. I'm a music fan too. I probably still have most of the stuff I loved as a teen on my iTunes, but I've added a whole lot more since then :)

  3. I remember you loving Edie, I haven't heard this one.

    Great Sunday Session! :)

  4. I thought I had never heard of Edie Brickell, and then I remembered the What I Am song. Lovely.

  5. Edie Brickell! I totally forgot about her! Thanks for the reminder, Michelle.

  6. Love both songs. Edie brings me back and I love the energy of Hillsong United...just what I needed to hear!


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