Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Session ~ The Cure

My sister has a Sunday Session over on her blog... now an then I play along with a song.. but I never play to the rules...

My youth... so close yet so far... this is a song that reminds me of my early 20s

I was so enfactuated with Robert Smith!

And I was blessed to see him play live... almost close enough to touch... the night my dream was killed.. yet kept alive

I do love to reminisce...

This music I turned to ...

Was so close.. yet so far...

And they were popular...


And possibly around the time I fell in love with bass...

Sometimes.. I felt ...'apart' from my friends...I sang a different song to them.

But now as I look back.. I see this amazing music

And intersting lyrics

Possibly something that helped me stay in the dark

An not something that led me to light

My friends were light chasers

Today I choose life

Today I choose light

Today I choose joyful sounds

With joyful lyrics

Life is intersting when we take a moment to look back....

What do you look back on?


  1. Love The Cure. Tool did a Love Song cover and it's awesome.

  2. Oh, fun! Time to play some of these and have a dance party in my lounge room!

  3. Love some of The Cures songs you picked remind me of listening to them in my youth.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  4. Great insight!!
    I still love hearing their songs.
    And guess who married Robert Smith??
    Tehehe ;)

  5. Happy 2 years blogging! I'll get you one closer to your goal. Glad I popped in. Another GREAT Aussie blog!!!

    These all send me back. Sigh. Back when songs were songs and not publicity stunts.

  6. hehe I love Bryce's comment about songs being songs ;)

  7. That's such a cool idea - Sunday Session blogstyle! May have to play along :)


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