Saturday, July 9, 2011

Real Estate Integrity

From the wife's perspective pt 2...

Ok… I’ve heard the murmurings, the snickers behind hands. Many people have strong views when it comes to Real Estate salesmen and their level of integrity. ‘You can never trust a Real Estate agent’ was a common statement when my hubby was starting out. Back then, I thought the same.

Con Man v’s Integrity

Yes there are many shonky real estate agents out there who work in the grey, who will lie just to get a sale and who will put the pressure on you to sign contracts.
Remember, if you aren't completely sure about something, check with your solicitor, and never feel pressured to sign a legal document.

How do you pick an honest agent? Use your gut. Women are often better at recognising the con man. Also go by word of mouth. Speak to friends and neighbours about who they’ve dealt with. But don’t always listen to other Real Estate agents, some of them are too willing to put others down to boost themselves.

My husband has seen throughout his career, many colleagues who are less than honest. Working only in sales, he decided to always do things by the book, sometimes it’s hard to, but in the end it’s worth it.

Who does the agent service?

Real Estate agents work for the vendor. They are not buyers’ advocates and if they are busy, they probably don’t have time to call you back every time they list a property you might be interested in. If you are a buyer and would like that kind of service, ask the agent if they have a mailing list (email, or paper) that they could add you to.

There is a well used term, ‘you snooze, you lose.’ If you really want a property, don’t expect an agent to chase you. If you want it, act fast.

I hope my thoughts ‘from the wife’s perspective’ have changed a few mind sets.

What are your thoughts? Are Real Estate agents you've dealt with dodgy or mostly honest?


  1. I've been really lucky--the agents I've dealt with have been part of our local community, and all honest, up front and easy to get along with. I've heard some stories, but in every profession there are a few bad apples. Doesn't mean everybody else is in the same basket!

  2. I've had some very good experiences and very bad ones- but I am a renter so I guess I'm not earning the agent much money really...there have been some slightly dodgy goings on but lots of them have been landlord instigated (house not being looked after because of dirty plate and cup on draining board of sink and bags of grocieries on counter top in agents photos taken on inspection) So agents have sometimes been good - helpful and kind and sometimes neglectful - not replying to calls - but never really bad.

  3. I know several real estate agents and they're all wonderful people - full of integrity - like your hubby :)

  4. Great points. Although I'm female and I can get snowed and duped easily. Too gullible and trusting, I guess. LOL (or I guess I just can't believe people would be that mean or devious!) I think real estate agents are kinda like salesmen in reputation (almost as bad as lawyers, but not quite, ha). So nice your hubby has integrity!! Good for him.

  5. I wonder if the people that cheat to get ahead in their workplace have any idea of the chaos they really cause with their workmates and in the eyes of the general public? My husband has been dogged by cheats too throughout his career and ultimately they don't seem any better fact usually eventually do a lot worse than the good guys!

  6. Good on you Michele!!
    There are crooks in everything. I have had a lot to do with realestate Agents and am pretty clued in to buying and selling. If I think they are lying, I tell them they are to their face...I get some red ones..
    In Tennessee the agent told me he would only ask a certain price. My hubby agreed with him, I blew up.. and after clearing away all the clutter and sprucing up everything, we got fifty thousand more than we would have. The market there has fallen since then though.
    xx Crystal

  7. Great points. I've only moved once in my life and bought my mum's house so I've never had to deal with real estate agents. A lot of my friends have and few have offered good words about them. I think a lot of it has to do with unreasonably high expectations--which are sometimes encouraged by the agents.

  8. Yep, we sold our house recently. The people we sold through were terrible. We felt like we were being made to jump through hoops to get the house sold, and to accept lower offers than we wanted. In the end, we sold within 3 weeks of going on the market, so it was hardly like we were wasting time or anything!

    By contrast, the people we bought through were brilliant. Although they were obviously trying to get the highest price possible for the vendor, they always returned phonecalls, kept us in the loop, allowed us to view the property 3 times to really decide etc etc.

    I'm thankful that there are good ones (like your hubby) out there!

  9. Estate agents (as they're called here) are seen as almost as bad as lawyers. I must say that I've never had any negative experiences, though.


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