Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the wife’s perspective Pt1

I recently posted an interview with my hubby on buying and selling houses .. you can see that HERE
I had more to add after our interview finished... so here's my perspective.

My husband worked in a franchise real estate agency for over 4 years until a year ago, when we started our own independent real estate company, Finesse Property. We wanted to have the opportunity to sell properties proficiently, with a high level of excellence and in doing so, minimise the stress vendors experience when selling.

Agent v’s Agency

Since leaving the franchise agency, one of the main concerns Shane hears is, “but you aren’t a national brand with a big sales team”. Ultimately, you are working with an ‘agent’ not agency. The agent you sign up to sell your house is the main driving force behind it getting sold. Don’t be deceived by thinking that because you list with an ‘agency’, the entire sales team will be doing their best to sell your property – it is simply not the case. The ‘listing agent’ (not usually the ‘listing agency’) will be marketing and actively working on your property until it sells. The non-listing agents working in the same office will occasionally speak to a buyer who they think might be interested in your property, however most of the time the buyer would have already seen it with the listing agent, or viewed it online.

The majority of people know what they are looking for and search for properties online. If the house meets all their needs they’ll take the next step and call the listing agent or enquire online. Again, these enquiries go directly to the listing agent - not the listing agency.

I hope this has answered some questions you may have had - we are based in Australia - so systems in other countries may be different.
Questions welcome... I'll pick my hubby's brain for you.


  1. Interesting points you have brought up Michelle 'cos I would have thought the same thing about a small agency vs a national one. Thank you.

  2. See, I see agent/agency and immediately my brain goes to literary agents! But it really sounds like it's analogous. You're working with the agent, not the agency, and that's the person you have to trust with selling your property.

  3. This was an interesting read. I'm sure you've come across the similar thinking process regarding big and small publishing houses. I wish you both all the best with the business and sure you work very hard.


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