Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stormy Afternoon

A stormy Autumn afternoon to suit my stormy day.

Thunder is rumbling

I'm sure we'll have blue skies again tomorrow.

Thankful for fresh beginnings every morning


  1. How loud is the rumbling and it has been going on for a while now....scary but intriguing!

  2. The sky looked ominous west of Cleveland earlier but now it's just overcast. Few spits of rain and the odd rumble of thunder but that's it.

    Mind you I am rejoicing greatly over answered prayer to stop the rain ... on Saturday morning I prayed it wouldn't rain for 3 1/2 days to allow our block to dry out for site works today -and He answered! God is good! Now the 3 1/2 days is up He has allowed it to rain ... how cool is that!

  3. I love churning skies like that, they're so dramatic!

  4. Those skies look very familiar to my neck of the woods. So tired of the gloomy rain. Looking forward to sunshine soon! But in the meantime, I'm so grateful and joyous to be living another blessed day with my family and friends. :)

    Great post!

  5. You've got some amazing views there, storm or sunshine.

  6. Glad to say sunshine is peeking through today after similar skies here recently. Nice views!


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