Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding Courage to Keep Entering the Slush

Dreams abundant

Rejection plentiful

Stories to tell

Words to write

Assess, edit, refine

Critique, beta, chat

Sharpen skills

Another query

Rewrite sections

Send again

Over and over

Over and over

A pattern for success




Agents, editors, publishers

Conferences, workshops

Platforms, networks

Pitch rehearsed

Synopsis saturated

Renewing dreams

Never give up hope



Anticipating acceptance.

How do you find courage to continue, when don't think you can take any more?


  1. I write poetry!!
    An then I'm ready to run again.

  2. Nice poem, Michelle! I keep telling myself that I can't get published if I don't submit. Really we have no other choice. So we push through, cross all our fingers and toes, and hope for the best.

  3. I admire your perserverance and tenacity! You go girl xo

  4. Inspiring poem Michelle. I'm a cheerleader - for myself. I pump myself up by telling myself that I can do it. I also read books in my genre, look up the author and find out their story. It is inspriring to know that others have made it from the slush pile and some took years upon years to do so. I also read a lot of writer blogs - there is a great community of support here!!!

  5. great poem -- the "over and over and over and over" part really struck home. I just know that I want this and no one else will make my dreams come true except for me. if I give up, it's game over. and I want to keep playing. it's that simple.

  6. Wow, do we really, truly do all of that! Phew! Sometimes I think, well, if I stopped writing, what else would I want to do? And there is nothing else, so I write on :)

  7. Ah, so few words, but it sums it all up so nicely. Well done.

  8. Great poem and all so true! Finding inspirational stories, books, movies, articles all helps me to get back on track.

  9. Great poem, hang in there. This is a good reminder for me to get my queries ready again, no excuses. I'll need a kick in the butt when parents visit is over.

    Got some light relief for you on my blog tomorrow. Let the sun shine in :)

  10. Wine?

    Seriously, I guess I remind myself that writing is so objective. And a rejection on one novel doesn't mean I can't write another!

  11. God, hot tea, chocolate, a fast paced walk around the block, a short break away, praise music...and this scripture

    'Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need (Matthew 6:31)

    Perspective is the key for me :D

  12. As all the other comments have disappeared... Previously I did add....
    I write poetry (when helps me gain perspective) Then I can continue.

  13. Love this Michelle. I did read it the other day but hadn't commented. xo

  14. Love this. I don't know how I find the courage to keep trying. I just sit down, click send, and hyperventilate. Repeat.

  15. I had some bad moments earlier this week when I thought about quitting. I reread a half finished manuscript and decided I couldn't leave my characters hanging.

  16. I know I commented on this already, but since my comment was deleted in the Blogger fail that's been going around, let me just say again that I love this!

  17. Beautiful and so true. Never give up. You will succeed.

  18. And people think I just have fun all day. So much fun I drink coffee until I get a stomach ulcer. Yay, writing!

  19. Maybe some things are just not wanted at a particular time or season. Some things do well being shelved and then brought out again at a different time if they have been rejected by all. In the meantime write more and send that off and see what happens. Practice will perfect what you can't hurt anyway!


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