Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lisa Heidke’s Claudia’s Big Break

Claudia's Big Break

This is story about best friends, who have drifted apart but choose to holiday together, which leads them to multiple dilemmas. Claudia takes a married friend with one child away with her. We see the hard side of life with a child and workaholic husband. Claudia also takes with her, her single friend who has swayed between same sex relationships and heterosexual relationships. The three girls are all falling a little short of living a wonderful life.

While reading…
We learn about Claudia’s history, and what has happened in her past to make her who she is, we question marriage, and children and our true outlook on parenting. We can also take a moment as we read to question why or why not we choose our sexuality and who we are attracted to.

Thoughts while reading …
The main character in the book turns 39 while holidaying on a the Greek Island. I read this the week I turned 39. (no holiday – feet firmly planted with 4 kids, business, and hubby) But it was kind of fun to celebrate my birthday with Claudia. Aside from fun, I was thankful throughout reading this story. Thankful for this life I live. I too have a workaholic husband, but we have found our groove and our life flows in and around the business. I love and enjoy my children, parenting to me is a career and I am certain this is the position I’m meant to be in at this point in my life.

This truly is a great read, light and lovely with a little mystery. Though quite predictable, reading the workings out of the girls’ adventure is a page turner and very enjoyable.

I won a copy of this book via Goodreads First reads


  1. What a good match for you, reading this at the same age as the characters. I like books that have us asking questions of our own lives, getting into our thoughts like that. They make a connection with the readers.

  2. Sounds like you connected with Claudia. I'll have to look for this one over here. A good read to have for a weekend when all I'm doing is staying home. :-)

  3. Sounds like a book worth reading. :)

  4. I have read and enjoyed two other books by this author, so will look for this one ... though as a Christian I'm not sure about the homosexual story line ... what did you make of it? I love chick lit (which often has a token gay character). However if a book has too much emphasis on sex or is too raunchy, I refuse to read any more.

  5. Sounds like a lovely holiday read, and a bit of vicarious travel!

  6. Sounds like a great one! Thanks for the review, Michelle!

  7. Thanks for you comments lovely people.

    Janet, I agree - often in chick lit there is the token gay - not really affecting the story in any way. But this book takes the gay character a little deeper - which could possibly challenge some readers.

  8. I got a copy from the library today so will let you know how I go!


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