Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Jump!

Friday Flash is an online community where each Friday writers post a fiction piece of 1000 words or less on their blog, then link up with everyone else.

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I use this as an exercise to keep my creativity flowing. When I post a piece of flash fiction, it is usually written in less than an hour and has probably only had one edit.

Don't Jump!
Don’t jump over that tree!
There’s a monster in there, its big and black and has multiple limbs.
Don’t jump over that bush!
There’s an animal in there, breathing deeply and will attack at any minute.

I won’t jump over the tree
There are branches to climb up and branches to slide down
I won’t jump over the bush
There’s plenty of room, I can walk either side and pick a flower as I go.

Aren’t you scared?
Of what you cannot see?
Aren’t you scared?
Of the noises unknown?

No, I have faith
That I can climb and not fall
I have faith
That there is nothing to fear

Don’t stand up
Someone might see you
Don’t go there
You will be found out

I can stand up
I’ll wave when they see
I can go there
Perhaps first, I will find them


  1. I love it Michelle!
    I wish I could stop saying 'don't' all the
    time to Jess, but I worry so about all
    those mysterious hidden monsters.
    It'd be nice to be a child and embrace
    the 'can do' spirit again
    PS I really love your family pic walking
    along the beach!!!!

  2. Great attitude in your verse here. I especially like how you CAN stand up, and you'll wave when you see others ... Very uplifting and positive words :)

  3. 'I have faith that I can climb and not fall.' Love that line!

  4. Such a positive way to say "Well actually..." to all those people who begin sentences with "Don't...."

  5. i loved it. it was short and you understand it in such short amount of words great job

  6. Very hide-and-go-seek, cheeky and bright children's rhythms. Thanks for sharing, Michelle.

  7. This is great! I love the rhythms

  8. Wonderful poem. My middle name is DON'T! The kids will love it. It speaks to them. :-)

  9. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    I love the imagination in your poem. It's so fun being a kid (or a grownup pretending to be a kid, lol)


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