Sunday, March 20, 2011


Heavy overload
Out given for reason
Warn out drained
Dreams for the nations
Burden escape
Inspiration led life
Weighed down
Drenched in blessings
Voice almost heard
Deafened ears ignore
Silence wished
Noise that brings joy
Snuffled thoughts
Always heard by One
Tears frozen
Souls to be nurtured
Space cramped
Wings given to fly
Teeth clenched
Healing brings smiles
Obligation unwanted
Loyal to the call
Much time wasted
Years to fill
Words to write
Season suspended
Hours that seem trivial
Life significance
Pulled away
Drawn to the cause
Social pollution
Hungry for clean entertainment
To many ugly words
Overflowing love to encourage
Swept away
Drawn near
Completely rested

Do you ever find you thoughts filled with inconsistencies?
I need to focus on the last line... when I'm completely rested - my thoughts are more consistent
How about you?


  1. It's amazing how fatigue has such far-reaching effects ... I always work, and think better, when well-rested.

  2. yep, I can so relate to this. I actually find exercise helps to fight off fatigue (gasp).

  3. Michelle, I can relate too. When I am tired, I am just not myself. My troubles seem amplified. Yesterday going to bed, I felt life weighing me down, and this morning after a good night's rest, I am normal and wondering what I was so down about! Sleep and rest are the key for me it seems.

    Hope you find some much needed rest.

  4. It was amazing at colur michelle because Bobboe talked about doing things out of a place of rest! Jesus did everything ( His Father had asked Him) out of a place of rest. You can do it too!! xx

  5. There are a lot of images there worth dwelling on, but I agree, 'completely rested' is right up there! You've been run down lately--time to snatch a little time for yourself so you can be at least semi-rested! You know you'll be more efficient for it.

  6. Great poem!! And a lot of stuff to think about too... I really like the ending.

  7. Thoughts flit around inside my head like butterflies..when I am rested I am more discerning and know which ones to capture and use.

  8. The ending says it all. Excellent poem and you can see how we ALL can identify with it. :) That's why God gave us a time of rest. He rested, right? Love this, Michelle. :-)


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