Saturday, March 12, 2011


Bittersweet (Paperback) by Melanie La'Brooy

Bittersweet is a story of sisters. The story shows the love, the envy, the jealousy, the admiration, and many more emotions between the girls. This book will have you laughing and crying with the excitement and complications which are the lead up to the planning of a wedding.

Some thoughts while reading….

There are so many factors influencing families and sisters and their relationship. While reading this novel, I reminisced on my own relationship with my sister. There were many times throughout the book that I could actually see similarities between the fictional characters and my own life.

What is it that keeps a family together? What is it that tears them apart? What makes some people check out and vanish from their family’s lives? What happens to keep a family happy?

I think with my siblings, there is a high level of respect and we choose to be kind to each other. When I look generally at my extended family, including my in laws, added to respect and choice – there is a whole lot of prayer and God’s presence. The peace of God is evident. I love my family.


  1. I'm still close to my sisters even though we're spread out from one end of the country to the other. Books with strong family connections in them are always a good read.

  2. It must be a wonderful book to evoke such warm family thoughts ... Respect and kindness take us a long way in life.

  3. My sister and I have always been good buddies - our family is very close too. I wish all were as lucky.

  4. *lump in my throat*
    I love you, too!! xxx

  5. I love how you've connected this book with your own personal experience.

  6. That's sweet! My sister and I fought a lot as kids; she's 3 years younger. Nice to hear of someone who has a great relationship!

  7. This is close to home, as my only sibling died two months ago. I wish I could hug and tell him "I love you" again.

  8. Families are so important, and it's those ups and downs that make everything worthwhile!



  9. There's a new Melanie La'Brooy! Gosh, I love her stuff--I'm inspired to go pull one of her other books off the shelf right now, until I can get this one. I love her writing, and I'm sure I'll love this one.

  10. While I don't have a sister I think I'd love this book. It sounds wonderful

  11. Hi Michelle! I'm adding this book to my sounds really good and I haven't read anything by this author yet...that I remember anyway. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a great day.


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