Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing is a Song...

A new story came to me last night, an idea for another novel. When I woke up this morning, instead of reading for 15 minutes like I usually do, I played out the possible plots, dreamt up characters and settings, and got excited for a moment.
And then after lunch my children went to the library and I opened up my current WIP to edit some more. That is when this bounced into my mind...

Writing is a song

To enjoy
To inspire
Editing is a job
To endure
To be done
Writing is pure joy
For the soul
For the mind
Editing is a task
Involving pain
Taking time
Writing is for me
And for others
Who may read
Editing is for the editor
To make it right
And correct
Writing is calling me
New stories
New ideas
Editing is annoying me
But to get published
I must persist


  1. Nice. Love it. Writing calls out to all us creatives. Persistance (and a bit of editing) will ensure our success.

  2. Your beautiful verse is music to my ears :)

  3. Wonderful piece of poetry Michelle. So nice to right freely between edits.

  4. Great timing! Tomorrow I am shutting myself away to write. Because like you say, "to get published
    I must persist"
    Yes indeed x

  5. Love the poem! It does describe writing well and yes, I prefer to leave editing up to the editor.


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